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The Championships: All the Wimbledon singles winners

Wimbledon singles winners belong to an elite club comprised of some of the best tennis players in the history of the game.

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Roger Federer sits atop the tree of Wimbledon singles winners ahead of every other man in history and is seeded second for the 2019 Championships, he needs another win to match Women’s singles record holder Martina Navratilova’s nine.

The early Championships were dominated by players from the United Kingdom, it wasn’t until 1905 when American woman May Sutton became the first non-UK winner. In 1907, Norman Brookes of Australia became the first man from outside of the United Kingdom to win the Championships.

One of Wimbledon’s longest standing records belongs to William Renshaw who won six successive Championships between 1881 and 1886. Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer share the longest winning streak in the professional era, the Swede and the Swiss claiming five-in-a-row.

There aren’t any Wimbledon singles winners who can boast the record of Navratilova who also won six successive championships from 1982 to 1987.

e01e29d6 martina navratilova - The Championships: All the Wimbledon singles winners
Martina Navratilova receiving the Ladies Singles Trophy from the Duchess of Kent after winning at Wimbledon. (Photo by Mike Stephens/Central Press/Getty Images)

There have been no South African winners of Wimbledon though Kevin Anderson was last year’s beaten finalist and Sandra Reynolds lost the 1960 Ladies Singles final to Brazil’s Maria Bueno.

In 1968 Wimbledon opened its doors to professional players paving the way for the return of Australian tennis legend Rod Laver, who won two titles as an amateur and another two as a professional.

Federer is one of just six men to win the Championships without dropping a set, he achieved the feat in 2017 to emulate the likes of Don Budge and Borg.

Wimbledon singles winners

Year Men Women
1877 Spencer W. Gore (U.K.)
1878 Frank Hadow (U.K.)
1879 John T. Hartley (U.K.)
1880 John T. Hartley (U.K.)
1881 Willie Renshaw (U.K.)
1882 Willie Renshaw (U.K.)
1883 Willie Renshaw (U.K.)
1884 Willie Renshaw (U.K.) Maud Watson (U.K.)
1885 Willie Renshaw (U.K.) Maud Watson (U.K.)
1886 Willie Renshaw (U.K.) Blanche Bingley (U.K.)
1887 Herbert Lawford (U.K.) Charlotte Dod (U.K.)
1888 Ernest Renshaw (U.K.) Charlotte Dod (U.K.)
1889 Willie Renshaw (U.K.) Blanche Bingley Hillyard (U.K.)
1890 Wiloby Hamilton (U.K.) Helena Rice (U.K.)
1891 Wilifred Baddeley (U.K.) Charlotte Dod (U.K.)
1892 Wilifred Baddeley (U.K.) Charlotte Dod (U.K.)
1893 Joshua Pim (U.K.) Charlotte Dod (U.K.)
1894 Joshua Pim (U.K.) Blanche Hillyard (U.K.)
1895 Wilifred Baddeley (U.K.) Charlotte Cooper (U.K.)
1896 Harold Mahony (U.K.) Charlotte Cooper (U.K.)
1897 Reggie Doherty (U.K.) Blanche Hillyard (U.K.)
1898 Reggie Doherty (U.K.) Charlotte Cooper (U.K.)
1899 Reggie Doherty (U.K.) Blanche Hillyard (U.K.)
1900 Reggie Doherty (U.K.) Blanche Hillyard (U.K.)
1901 Arthur Gore (U.K.) Charlotte Cooper Sterry (U.K.)
1902 Laurie Doherty (U.K.) Muriel Robb (U.K.)
1903 Laurie Doherty (U.K.) Dorothea Douglass (U.K.)
1904 Laurie Doherty (U.K.) Dorothea Douglass (U.K.)
1905 Laurie Doherty (U.K.) May Sutton (U.S.)
1906 Laurie Doherty (U.K.) Dorothea Douglass (U.K.)
1907 Norman Brookes (Austl.) May Sutton (U.S.)
1908 Arthur Gore (U.K.) Charlotte Cooper Sterry (U.K.)
1909 Arthur Gore (U.K.) Dora Boothby (U.K.)
1910 Tony Wilding (N.Z.) Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers (U.K.)
1911 Tony Wilding (N.Z.) Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers (U.K.)
1912 Tony Wilding (N.Z.) Ethel Larcombe (U.K.)
1913 Tony Wilding (N.Z.) Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers (U.K.)
1914 Norman Brookes (Austl.) Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers (U.K.)
1915–18 not held
1919 Gerald Patterson (Austl.) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1920 Bill Tilden (U.S.) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1921 Bill Tilden (U.S.) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1922 Gerald Patterson (Austl.) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1923 Bill Johnston (U.S.) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1924 Jean Borotra (France) Kitty McKane (U.K.)
1925 René Lacoste (France) Suzanne Lenglen (France)
1926 Jean Borotra (France) Kitty McKane Godfree (U.K.)
1927 Henri Cochet (France) Helen Wills (U.S.)
1928 René Lacoste (France) Helen Wills (U.S.)
1929 Henri Cochet (France) Helen Wills (U.S.)
1930 Bill Tilden (U.S.) Helen Wills Moody (U.S.)
1931 Sidney Wood (U.S.) Cilly Aussem (Ger.)
1932 Ellsworth Vines (U.S.) Helen Wills Moody (U.S.)
1933 Jack Crawford (Austl.) Helen Wills Moody (U.S.)
1934 Fred Perry (U.K.) Dorothy Round (U.K.)
1935 Fred Perry (U.K.) Helen Wills Moody (U.S.)
1936 Fred Perry (U.K.) Helen Jacobs (U.S.)
1937 Don Budge (U.S.) Dorothy Round (U.K.)
1938 Don Budge (U.S.) Helen Wills Moody (U.S.)
1939 Bobby Riggs (U.S.) Alice Marble (U.S.)
1940–45 not held
1946 Yvon Petra (France) Pauline Betz (U.S.)
1947 Jack Kramer (U.S.) Margaret Osborne (U.S.)
1948 Bob Falkenburg (U.S.) Louise Brough (U.S.)
1949 Ted Schroeder (U.S.) Louise Brough (U.S.)
1950 Budge Patty (U.S.) Louise Brough (U.S.)
1951 Dick Savitt (U.S.) Doris Hart (U.S.)
1952 Frank Sedgman (Austl.) Maureen Connolly (U.S.)
1953 Viv Seixas (U.S.) Maureen Connolly (U.S.)
1954 Jaroslav Drobny (Czech.) Maureen Connolly (U.S.)
1955 Tony Trabert (U.S.) Louise Brough (U.S.)
1956 Lew Hoad (Austl.) Shirley Fry (U.S.)
1957 Lew Hoad (Austl.) Althea Gibson (U.S.)
1958 Ashley Cooper (Austl.) Althea Gibson (U.S.)
1959 Alejandro Olmedo (Peru) Maria Bueno (Braz.)
1960 Neale Fraser (Austl.) Maria Bueno (Braz.)
1961 Rod Laver (Austl.) Angela Mortimer (U.K.)
1962 Rod Laver (Austl.) Karen Susman (U.S.)
1963 Chuck McKinley (U.S.) Margaret Smith (Austl.)
1964 Roy Emerson (Austl.) Maria Bueno (Braz.)
1965 Roy Emerson (Austl.) Margaret Smith (Austl.)
1966 Manolo Santana (Spain) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
1967 John Newcombe (Austl.) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
Wimbledon singles winners – Open Era
1968* Rod Laver (Austl.) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
1969 Rod Laver (Austl.) Ann Jones (U.K.)
1970 John Newcombe (Austl.) Margaret Smith Court (Austl.)
1971 John Newcombe (Austl.) Evonne Goolagong (Austl.)
1972 Stan Smith (U.S) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
1973 Jan Kodes (Czech.) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
1974 Jimmy Connors (U.S.) Chris Evert (U.S.)
1975 Arthur Ashe (U.S.) Billie Jean King (U.S.)
1976 Bjorn Borg (Swed.) Chris Evert (U.S.)
1977 Bjorn Borg (Swed.) Virginia Wade (U.K.)
1978 Bjorn Borg (Swed.) Martina Navratilova (Czech.)
1979 Bjorn Borg (Swed.) Martina Navratilova (Czech.)
1980 Bjorn Borg (Swed.) Evonne Goolagong Cawley (Austl.)
1981 John McEnroe (U.S.) Chris Evert Lloyd (U.S.)
1982 Jimmy Connors (U.S.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1983 John McEnroe (U.S.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1984 John McEnroe (U.S.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1985 Boris Becker (W.Ger.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1986 Boris Becker (W.Ger.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1987 Pat Cash (Austl.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1988 Stefan Edberg (Swed.) Steffi Graf (W.Ger.)
1989 Boris Becker (W.Ger.) Steffi Graf (W.Ger.)
1990 Stefan Edberg (Swed.) Martina Navratilova (U.S.)
1991 Michael Stich (Ger.) Steffi Graf (Ger.)
1992 Andre Agassi (U.S.) Steffi Graf (Ger.)
1993 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Steffi Graf (Ger.)
1994 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Conchita Martinez (Spain)
1995 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Steffi Graf (Ger.)
1996 Richard Krajicek (Neth.) Steffi Graf (Ger.)
1997 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Martina Hingis (Switz.)
1998 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Jana Novotna (Cz.Rep.)
1999 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Lindsay Davenport (U.S.)
2000 Pete Sampras (U.S.) Venus Williams (U.S.)
2001 Goran Ivanisevic (Cro.) Venus Williams (U.S.)
2002 Lleyton Hewitt (Austl.) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2003 Roger Federer (Switz.) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2004 Roger Federer (Switz.) Maria Sharapova (Russia)
2005 Roger Federer (Switz.) Venus Williams (U.S.)
2006 Roger Federer (Switz.) Amelie Mauresmo (France)
2007 Roger Federer (Switz.) Venus Williams (U.S.)
2008 Rafael Nadal (Spain) Venus Williams (U.S.)
2009 Roger Federer (Switz.) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2010 Rafael Nadal (Spain) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2011 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Petra Kvitova (Cz.Rep.)
2012 Roger Federer (Switz.) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2013 Andy Murray (U.K.) Marion Bartoli (France)
2014 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Petra Kvitova (Cz.Rep.)
2015 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2016 Andy Murray (U.K.) Serena Williams (U.S.)
2017 Roger Federer (Switz.) Garbiñe Muguruza (Spain)
2018 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Angelique Kerber (Ger.)
*Open since 1968.

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