Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Spanish police make forceful response to Liverpool fans shenanigans [video]

A small group of Liverpool fans have risked ruining the Barcelona experience for the whole group.

spanish police make forceful response to liverpool fans shenanigans video 1024x683 - Spanish police make forceful response to Liverpool fans shenanigans [video]

d9915eaa plaça reial in barcelona 1200x800 - Spanish police make forceful response to Liverpool fans shenanigans [video]

Riot police were called in and engaged in a tense standoff with a large congregation of Liverpool fans after one of their number dumped a Barcelona local into a fountain on Tuesday.

Liverpool fans had been asked to congregate at the Plaça Reial square in Barcelona where some say there was initially no police presence at all.

Shortly after a fan engaged in a stupid and boorish prank, riot police arrived on the scene taking no chances with the groups of fans and forcefully segregated the large group into smaller more manageable groups.

LFC fan Wes Lee, who witnessed the scenes yesterday, told the Liverpool Echo: “My wife and I were in the square yesterday evening when the police came in.

“I don’t know what started it, apparently there were reports of some Liverpool fans pushing locals into the fountain which if true is stupid and the actions of a few may ruin it for the rest of us.

“In my opinion it could easily have been avoided if there was a slight police presence in the square. After all it is where they wanted us to congregate.”

The incident in question has been proven to be true with video of act emerging.

Watch video of the fountain incident filmed by fan Johnny Martin and provide to the Liverpool Echo.

Lee was alarmed by the reaction of the police in Barcelona but reports have emerged that fans assaulted members of local hotel staff and six arrests were made.

“The police did seem to come in very heavy-handed. With batons, they even forced my wife who has cancer into a corner in the square, she was clearly terrified but they kept shouting at her,” Lee added.

“There just seemed to be a lack of common sense with it all. I was in Rome last year and it was so much better organised. I just hope that tonight goes well and without any problems.”

Watch the riot police move in

Liverpool Football club issued a statement:

“Liverpool Football Club is working with Merseyside Police and the authorities in Spain, who are endeavouring to identify those involved in the incident.

“Such behaviour is clearly totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while the situation is ongoing other than to confirm the club will follow due process in any and all cases of this nature.”

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