Thu. May 28th, 2020

South African consortium not put off by rival bid for Notts County

Notts CountyA South African investor group are reportedly nearing a takeover of the famous Notts County football club in England.

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The South African consortium seeking to take over the ownership of historic English football club Notts County remain committed to seeing through their purchase despite the emergence of a rival.

Notts County were relegated from the football League over the weekend with a 3-1 loss to Swindon but interest in the cash-strapped club remains high.

The club have a tax debt of in excess of £200k but will be aided by the £500k parachute payment they will receive as they fall into the fifth tier of English football.

For a club whose last major achievement was winning the FA Cup in 1894, Notts County have a large following and their black and white striped kit inspired what became Juventus’ signature home jersey.

The South African consortium are being advised by experienced football dealmaker Terry Pritchard of Charter HCP and have not been put off by reports that a British consortium led by Alex May, who was linked to an attempt to buy fifth tier side Chesterfield FC.

Under Pitchard’s guidance the group have submitted relevant paperwork to complete the purchase of the club and are believed to still be committed to the deal despite Notts County’s relegation.

Amid the uncertainty manager Neal Ardley says that he would like to stay at the club under new owners, if they will have him.

“I want to be a part of this club for sure,” he said.

“There are new owners potentially coming in. They might not want me or they might not have a plan of action which means I can take it forward.

“Nobody really knows. It will probably take two or three weeks after the season before it is  known.

“I am just a very small piece in this trying to hold the ship together and getting the players to go out and achieve something incredible on the last day.

“The fans are the heartbeat of any football club and they are the only ones that matter.”

Ardley met with players on Tuesday, but the future remains uncertain until the club is under new ownership.

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