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Run for the Oceans: Adidas and Runtastic team up to fight ocean plastic

Run for the OceansYou can join the fight against plastic taken up by Adidas, Runtastic and the Parley Ocean school with the Run for the Oceans challenge.

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Adidas and the Runtastic app are teaming up and joining the fight against plastic pollution and you can play a part by joining the Run for the Oceans challenge.

Sportswear manufacturer, Adidas, have pledged to donate $1 to the Parley Ocean School for every kilometer run and tracked on the Runtastic app from 8-16 June 2019.

Runners – and walkers – can participate in the digital run by downloading the Runtastic app and selecting Run for the Oceans as a challenge under the progress tab. All kms clocked between 8 and 16 June 2019 will see Adidas donate towards Ocean plastic.

Parley Ocean School aims to inspire and empower the next generation of Ocean Guardians through immersive education, classroom learning and direct action.

“Parley Ocean School is dedicated to equipping the next generation of leaders not only with the knowledge and tools to create a better future, but also the skills and inspiration to act on their learnings,” the school declares on their website.

“Through workshops in the field and beach cleanups, students can explore the impacts of marine plastic pollution first-hand and work together to intercept existing threats to their surrounding environment.”

Run for the Oceans aims to raise US$1.5million for ocean education and a new youth activist platform. Youth activism is at the heart of the Parley Ocean school. Research suggests that adults are prone to dismissing messages about climate change or other topics that they associate with political groups they disagree with – but children aged 10 to 14 don’t yet link themselves to the beliefs and ideals of particular political groups.

The Parley Ocean school is based in the Maldives, an archipelago of far spread, low-lying islands and atolls located in the Indian Ocean off the South coast of the Asian continent. Climate change is severely threatening the very existence of the Maldives as well as diminishing existing human capabilities on these islands. Island chains such as the Maldives are already feeling the effects of climate change, rising sea levels and the choking ocean plastic impacts the Islands ability to provide food for its residents.

Run for the Oceans with Runtastic

The Runtastic app allows runners to contribute towards a good cause well helping track your own fitness journey. The app can also be used to network with other runners and form new groups or clubs.

The timing of the initiative coincides with the running of South Africa’s premier Ultra-Marathon, the Comrades, which takes place on June 9 between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Runners hooked up to Runtastic could tally a tidy sum in donations from Adidas.

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