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Ronaldo stars in cheesy advert for an online shopping app [video]

The Ronaldo advert from Shopee is an assault on the senses and if it doesn’t have some sort of subliminal message hidden in it I’d be very surprised.

ronaldo stars in cheesy advert for an online shopping app video 1024x512 - Ronaldo stars in cheesy advert for an online shopping app [video]

Juventus and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo has appeared in his fair share of commercials but his latest effort is an absolute howler.

Ronaldo is possibly the joint-greatest footballer of his generation but he isn’t going to be collecting any Oscars, Emmys or Tonys to accompany his Ballon D’Or awards.

Ronaldo’s image mangled again

Singapore-based e-commerce portal Shopee splashed untold sums of cash on securing Ronaldo for the advert but the end product is a bizarre thirty seconds.

The plot of the advert is simple if somewhat ridiculous. Ronaldo scores a free kick playing for an unnamed team and is baffled when nobody in the stadium reacts. The crowd, who let mey say bear a startling resemblance to human beings, are all using online shopping app Shopee. The referee then produces a shopee card that he shows to Ronaldo, as one does in a game of kickball.

This advert might even be worse for Ronaldo’s image than the unsettling bronze bust of him that shocked the world.

10b91db9 ronaldo bust - Ronaldo stars in cheesy advert for an online shopping app [video]
Remember this monstrosity, well he had a makeover and now looks slightly less unsettling. We can’t see the awful Shopee ad getting any better though. Photo: Twitter.

Why that infernal tune?

If you’re a fan of the tune to Baby Shark, we need to talk, and you’re in for a real treat. For the rest of humanity, Ronaldo’s dance routine may cause nausea, dizziness and the overwhelming urge to join the Mars mission.

The entire production makes it plain that just because you can afford to do something doesn’t make it a good idea.

Ronaldo’s dance moves were so bad that for his sake lets hope they were the product of CGI. Ronaldo manages the incredible feat of appearing to be both wooden and robotic at the same time.

The Juventus man doesn’t take himself too seriously judging by the adverts he has appeared in, but this one may earn him a serious ribbing on the training grounds.

Watch this advert at your own risk; it really shouldn’t exist. In the words of Dylan Moran playing Bernard Black ‘It’s dreadful but it is quite short.’

Ronaldo’s ludicrous advert

This is probably not the worst advert ever made although it certainly might be the cheesiest.

I for one would like to thank CR7 for brightening my day with this incredibly ridiculous nonsense to distract us all from the fact that our planet is on fire.

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