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Paris Sevens 2019: Fiji doing Fiji things against England [video]

fiji vs england paris sevens 2019Fiji started their quest for the 2018-19 World Series Sevens title like a house on fire. If a house scored eight tries through eight different players.

paris sevens 2019 fiji doing fiji things against england video 1024x853 - Paris Sevens 2019: Fiji doing Fiji things against England [video]

fiji paris sevens 1200x1000 - Paris Sevens 2019: Fiji doing Fiji things against England [video]

If you weren’t convinced yet that Fiji are the greatest ever sevens team, maybe this will change your mind. With just a marginal two-point lead over the USA heading into the Paris Sevens – and with the scars of losing the title to the Blitzboks last season probably still raw – they sent a strong message in their opening fixture in the French capital.

With eight tries from eight different scorers against England, Fiji ran riot, winning 52-14.

The scoreline is impressive on its own, but it’s how Fiji score their tries that make them so utterly mesmerizing to watch. Take this example.

It took three passes before they found space and then turned on the pace. But, even when the defence eventually caught up, the Fijians simply passed the ball around a bit more before eventually wiggling over the tryline.

They make it look so easy.

Watch: Fiji doing Fiji things against England at the Paris Sevens

It’s out of this world stuff.

While New Zealand long dominated the shortest format of the sport, Fiji have been catching up over the last few years.

Under former coach Ben Ryan, the Islanders underwent a transformation that revolutionised not just the status of the sport in the country, but across the world. Powerful, fast and all working together towards a common goal, Fiji are simply unstoppable.

But they’re not just powerhouses with try scoring, they’re also relentless in defence. As a team, Fiji has made more tackles than any other side on the World Series circuit in the history of the tournament.

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