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Masters Golf: The unwritten rules ‘patrons’ have to follow

Masters golfThere are some things that you just do not do when you are a patron of the US Masters golf tournament.

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Most sports have one or two unwritten rules that fans are expected to adhere to but the US Masters golf tournament is an event with many ‘firm suggestions’ from organizers.

The Augusta National Golf Club is a place steeped in tradition and the US Masters has a raft of unwritten rules for players, commentators and even the paying customers.

The fans can only be referred to by commentators as patrons under pain of removal from the broadcast team and in turn the paying customers are also expected to toe the line or risk removal from the event.

Naturally all the usual standards for golf spectators are in place and most are aware that the sport doesn’t exactly cater for the rowdy.

Augusta has a whole heap of obscure unwritten rules but here we look at a few prominent rules for patrons intent on enjoying some Masters golf.

No Running

Even though there is a mad rush to grab prized spots along the course when the gates open in the morning, running at the Augusta National is strictly prohibited. This means that when the gates do open bystanders are treated to a jostling speed walk between ‘patrons’.

The rule might not be that weird but it does result in the strange site of people trying to speed walk in a crowd, think march of the Penguins with less snow and no Morgan Freeman.

No napping

If you’re inclined to pop off to sleep while taking in a spot of golf you’d be advised to bring along a Red Bull. Patrons who fall asleep will find themselves completing their nap at home. In fact leaning too far back while seated on the luscious grass will earn you a nudge from a steward.

The Masters does not want to see shots of sleeping fans on TV or in the news and will instruct patrons to sit up straight, even on the hillside underneath the tee box on the sixth.

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If they don’t want people sleeping on their grass why do they make it so darn soft.

Keep your shoes on

Fancy wiggling your toes in the hallowed grass of Augusta, think again bub, removing your footgear at the Masters is a big no-no. Unless you are former WTA tour number one Caroline Wozniacki. The Danish tennis star was famously snapped with her shoes off while trailing then boyfriend Rory McIlroy around Augusta.

Sandals are also reportedly frowned upon, but vellies are acceptable.

CarolineWozniackiShoeless - Masters Golf: The unwritten rules ‘patrons’ have to follow
To be fair that grass does look inviting

No cellphones

Social media addicts beware, despite most events on the US PGA tour now allowing cellphones onto the course, the Masters keeps its ban on mobile devices in place. Patrons are advised to leave their phones in the car or at home and not even journalists are permitted to set foot on the course with a device on their person.

Masters golf will not be featuring on anyone’s Instagram story any time soon.

The ban gives the Masters unprecedented control over media coming out of Augusta.

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Could you do it again, Tiger, I forgot to hit record?

No seat stealing

‘Move your feet, lose your seat’ is not a mantra applied at the Masters where assuming another person’s seat is considered a grave offense. Given that the majority of seats on the course have been brought in by patrons this is understandable if frustrating for patrons barred from interfering with empty seats regardless of how long the occupant has been absent.

OCP Musical Chairs - Masters Golf: The unwritten rules ‘patrons’ have to follow
Its all fun and games until grandpa breaks his hip.

Don’t scalp your tickets

Selling tickets outside of an event can get you in serious trouble in a lot of places and is something sports events particularly frown upon as unsuspecting patrons could find themselves purchasing fake tickets.

Selling your tickets at the Masters gates will more often than not see you charged with disorderly conduct.

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