Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Lynsey Sharp finishes ninth, relieved after ’11 long years’ of losing

lynsey sharpLynsey Sharp, her of the tearful interview at the 2016 Olympics, finished ninth in Doha on Friday night.

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Caster Semenya stormed to victory at the IAAF Diamond League in Doha on Friday, winning the  women’s 800m event.

Just days after losing her appeal against discriminatory IAAF regulations which will require female athletes in certain events to take performance limiting substances if they wish to compete, it was business as usual for the double-Olympic champion.

Semenya batted away suggestions of retirement in her unique way, including a snappy response of: You try to be in front of me, I jump you.

But the South African wasn’t the only one talking to the press.

However, before we go any further…please, dear readers, while you’re welcome to indulge in all the snark you wish, don’t go around sending people threats.

South Africans will remember Lynsey Sharp, her of the tears for finishing… well…. not near the top. Her most notable strop came at the 2016 Olympics when a tearfilled Sharp cried about how “unfair” it was to compete against Semenya.

Shame, hey.

Sharp ran a time of 1:57.69 in that race. To date, that remains her personal best. And, while impressive, that time doesn’t even feature in the top 100 of all time – it puts her in 115the spot all-time.

In Doha on Friday, Sharp finished in ninth place (out of 11 runners).

She took some time to speak to the BBC afterwards, though. She revealed that she had received death threats because of comments she has made previously, saying:

“I’ve known Caster since 2008. It’s something I’ve been familiar with over the past 11 years,” she said. “No one benefits from this situation – of course she doesn’t benefit, but it’s not me versus her, it’s not us versus them.

“I’ve had death threats. I’ve had threats against my family and that’s not a position I want to be in. It’s really unfortunate the way it’s played out. “

Sharp insisted that the verdict announced by CAS didn’t leave her elated. She’s just been losing for a very long time.

“By no means am I over the moon about this. It’s just been a long 11 years for everyone.”

Jammer meisie.

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