Mon. May 25th, 2020

Liverpool’s season deserves a trophy – Wijnaldum

georginio wijnaldum liverpool barcelona champions league 2019Georgino Wijnaldum feels that Liverpool have what it takes to win a sixth Champions League trophy in Madrid on 1 June.

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Liverpool midfielder Georgino Wijnaldum believes that the brilliant season the club has produced deserves a trophy.

The Reds will get their chance to add a trophy win to a second place finish in the Premier League that came with a record points haul when they face Tottenham in the Champions League final on 1 June.

“If you look back when you’re on vacation on this season, I think everyone will realise we had a really good season, a wonderful season,” Wijnaldum told

“Ninety-seven points, we’d normally be champion with. But in this case, City had one point more and they turned champions. Overall, I think we had a good season and now is the challenge to finish with a title to make the season complete.

“It would be really sad if we finish the season without a title, especially because I think we were quite consistent this season and we did so good.

“I think this season deserves one.”

Wijnaldum admits that the closing weeks of the Premier League chase were frustrating as Liverpool pinned their hopes on a Manchester City slip up that never came.

“We put everything in, everything we could,” said the Liverpool man.

“If you look at the games where we still managed to win – Everton at home, Fulham away, Newcastle away and I probably forget five or six more difficult games that we still managed to win. We gave it our all but in the end it wasn’t enough.

“The last couple of games were basically games where we could only win and look at what City were doing. They won also, so fair enough that they are champions.

“But now we have a game that we can control, so we have to bring that to a good end.  

“It would be really special, especially because this season deserves an end like that. We’re going to do everything to bring it to that end, but it’s going to be tough.”

The Champions League final will be staged at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

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