Mon. May 25th, 2020

Liverpool transfer plans: Tough to improve on current group – Klopp

liverpool jurgen klopp 2019Liverpool are not looking at a post season splurge with Jurgen Klopp satisfied with the strength of his squad.

liverpool transfer plans tough to improve on current group klopp 1024x853 - Liverpool transfer plans: Tough to improve on current group – Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp says that new signings will only be used as a last resort in his bid to continue the improvement Liverpool’s squad.

Speaking ahead of the club’s Friday night fixture against Huddersfield at Anfield Klopp said that training will be the primary method he will employ to improve his current squad.

Klopp feels that continuing the work with the current group is the priority and he wants to try and keep the current balance.

 “It is always more difficult the better the team gets [to improve it], but that’s a good sign.

“Transfers, we are not there to excite the people out there and think, ’Wow, a new player!’ and stuff like that. Actually, the job is to improve the team and there are different ways [to do that], we’ve said that always.

“It’s about training – actually, I think that’s the best way to do [it] and if you have to sign somebody, you sign somebody. Then, if you have him then you don’t think immediately about doing the same thing in the same position again.

“The team is pretty well balanced, so that’s how it is. For sure, our plans are not for the public, that’s how it is. But will it be the biggest transfer window of LFC? No, probably not, but I think it would have been a surprise if I said yes.

“Our eyes are always open, we always look, but what happens if and when, there is nothing to say about in the moment,” the manager said when asked about the club’s transfer plans.

Klopp feels that patience is the key to making better transfer decisions in recent times. Klopp said the club would resist the urge to do transfer business for the sake of giving the fans something to read about in the off season.

“We were patient enough and made a few smart decisions, but we are not where we want to end. Yes, we are in a good moment, that’s true, but we are not here to think too much about what we did, that it happened and the work [we put in], I am not interested, really,” Klopp added

“We did every day what we thought was right to do, that’s the truth. Now we are here, it is all because of the players – the boys did outstandingly well, constantly pushing their own limits onto the next level, so that’s the truth. That’s what we try to show them, [that] it’s possible.

“It’s not important what people think about you, [but] it’s really important what we think about us and how we can improve and all that stuff. After a season, if you listen to the public then it’s like you have to sell 15 players and bring in 15 players, or if there is any good striker out there then you have to buy him otherwise you don’t make your business and stuff like that.

“You have to be calm in these situations, just to trust your own feelings and your own decisions and then it can work – it depends extremely if the decisions are right, obviously, but that is only proven during the season.

“We were lucky with the signings we made, we were working hard – how everybody can expect us to do. Obviously, there is still one team with a point more and that’s not exactly how it should be, but we respect that for today but from 10 minutes on we will work on how we can close that gap as well.”

Liverpool host Huddersfield needing to win to keep the pressure on Premier League title favourites Manchester City, who moved into pole position in the title race with a 2-0 win in the Manchester Derby,

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