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Liverpool must win the Champions League to make Barca win truly iconic

Suarez Barcelona Robertson Liverpool MessiAndy Robertson says Liverpool need to bring home the Champions League trophy to make their semi-final triumph over Barcelona matter.

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Liverpool fullback Andy Robertson feels that the club need to win the Champions League final against Spurs to cement their triumph over Barcelona as a truly iconic football moment.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s final Robertson said that for the players the game against Barcelona, was just like any other in terms of how Liverpool approached the match.

When asked if he had managed to digest just how iconic that night is going to become in the club’s history, Robertson told

“Probably not. I think when we’re involved in it, you don’t think about those things. I think that’s more for the people around [and] about us.

“It was just another game for us and a game that we’ve won and then we’re through to the final.

“The only thing we hope is that it’s iconic because it’s the game that got us into the final that we won. That’s what we hope and the only way to do that is by putting in a similar performance and getting our hands on the trophy. But like I said, we know how hard that’s going to be against another fantastic team.”

Robertson insisted that Liverpool were not going to underestimate Spurs. The Reds have beaten Spurs twice this season but both games were won by the slender margin of 2-1.

“The fans that are going over will have watched Tottenham for the last couple of years under [Mauricio] Pochettino and we all know Tottenham always play well against us,” said Robertson.

They always seem to give us a good game and last season they got the upper hand on us. This season we turned that around a wee bit. But I think the game at Anfield proves that we were quite lucky, they had a few big chances – but we were going for the title, so we had to win it and luckily we got a bit of luck right at the end.

“But Tottenham are a fantastic team with an unbelievable manager and they have quality the whole way through their squad. They finished fourth in the end, so they’re not far behind us. Every game we’ve played has been competitive and we expect that – and I’m sure so will they. Hopefully it’ll be a good game, but one that we come out on top.

” I think both teams will probably use them [the league meetings] for analysis because it’s the best thing you can do when you’re playing against the team.

“You can maybe see things and they’ll do the exact same. But I don’t think we can take anything from the two Premier League games going into a final. A final is a one-off game and you have to deal with the emotions and how big the game is and things like that.

“You also need to try to perform to your best. We know if we don’t perform to our best then we’ve got no chance – and so will they. But if both of us perform to their best then let’s see who comes out on top.

“It’s going to be a hard game but I don’t think we can concentrate too much on any Premier League game against them because it’s a completely different scenario. We’ll obviously look at the clips and see what we can take from that.”

Liverpool fans – the best in the world

Robertson said that the relationship between the players and fans at a club like Liverpool remains out of this world and encourages the team to do their best to give the fans great memories.

” The fans since I’ve got here have been different class and I’m sure they’ve been like that for years and years because they’re well renowned to be the best,” He added.

“We need to try to repay them. We know how happy that will make them if we can take that final step and go and lift the trophy – it’s what they deserve.

“All the fans of course, but the fans that followed us this season and sold out every away ground, sold out Anfield every single weekend – to do that isn’t easy, especially with what all goes on in the world just now. Fair play to every single one of them.

“Hopefully we can repay them with one big day out at the end of the season that we can all celebrate together. Like I said, we’re no fools and we know it’s not a given and we know the hard work that needs to get put in. As long as we can do that then we believe that everyone will be celebrating.”

Liverpool and Spurs will kick off the Champions League final at 21:00 SAST on 1 June.

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