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Jurgen Klopp turns Liverpool from doubters to believers

Jurgen KloppIt is the players and not the fans that Jurgen Klopp has turned from doubters to believers in his nearly four years at Liverpool.

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When Jurgen Klopp was unveiled as Liverpool coach in October 2015 he sent a message to the fans urging them to change from doubters to believers.

This season the self belief that Klopp has instilled in his Liverpool team has helped them push Manchester City all the way in an incredible league season and reach the Champions League final for the second year in a row.

Most fans have had their doubts along the way but this Liverpool team do not know when they are beaten.

Klopp says that the combination of skill and attitude make this current crop of Liverpool players the best team he has managed.

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When asked if any of his previous teams had worked as hard as this group, Klopp told a press conference:

“I don’t like to blame my other teams, to be honest. I love them all because they all gave their everything.

“This team is doing well. I’ve never been part of a final with a better team than this, that’s true. But in different times for different reasons my teams were good as well.

“I’m not so surprised because the boys are, how we call it, a mix-up – potential with attitude – in the best way I ever saw or experienced. That’s just brilliant, it’s exceptional and that brought us where we are.

“We could have said a couple of weeks ago, ‘It’s not really likely that you will be champion at the end of the season’.

“Human beings are like that, you stop giving your everything because, only for a chance, we are not really ready – we want to have it for sure. [But] these boys did it for the chance for being there.

“They gave us a lot and showed us a lot. In the five or six days between Barcelona and Barcelona nobody believed more in this team than the team themselves. That was brilliant and that’s why we are here.

It’s a sensational situation, being here again is great. We wanted it really desperately but it looked like it slipped through our fingers in the group stage already; we had a brilliant start in the Premier League but struggled a bit in the away games in our group. But did it in the most mature way you can do it, against an Italian side to have to win 1-0 is unbelievable.

“Since then, all our away games were really impressive, Barcelona not result-wise but performance-wise 100 per cent, Bayern Munich and Porto were really good. So I’m really happy that we can do it again. “

Klopp expects a tight and tense Champions League final against Tottenham Hotspur, who know them very well.

Jurgen Klopp vs Mauricio Pochettino

Liverpool beat Spurs 2-1 in both their Premier League meetings though the Reds were fortunate to come away with a win when Mauricio Pochettino’s side visited Anfield.

“It will be very tight, no doubt,” Klopp said.

“The quality of Tottenham and us is pretty similar. The difference between us in the league was consistency. We won both games against Tottenham but both 2-1.

“We had brilliant periods in the games where I think we deserved to win, but especially the home game was an absolutely tight game with a lucky goal in pretty much the last minute. So that’s what we expect, there’s no doubt about that.

“Poch is right that the emotions will be completely different. You have to use all the things you used during the season but in the specific circumstances. We are all human beings; it’s a special game and after that it’s no game anymore. Bringing ourselves in the right mood is, for us, the job to do, to really play the game we want to play.

“We know a lot about Tottenham, of course. But we had three weeks. After these three weeks I would have known the name of the groundsman of Barcelona as well if they had been the opponent. That’s how the football world is. We would have known exactly the same against each other team in the world. But we played against them, so we know it’s difficult, Tottenham know it’s difficult. Let’s play a difficult game and let’s win it.”

The Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will kick off at 21:00 on Saturday 1 June.

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