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Cricket World Cup LIVE: India vs Pakistan commentary

India Cricket World CupThe match the cricketing world has been waiting for is here, India vs Pakistan at Old Trafford, enjoy alternative commentary on the game from Guerilla Cricket.

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Over a billion people will be watching as India vs Pakistan plays out on cricket’s grandest stage at Old Trafford on Sunday 16 June.

Pakistan head into the match off the back of a mixed bag in terms of their form and knowing that they have never beaten India in a World Cup match.

India started the tournament imperiously backed by the largest support shown to any team at the event, exceeding even hosts England. They had their stride broken somewhat by a washout against the Black Caps.

Virat Kohli, India captain, was quietly confident in his team’s ability and urged them to remain calm and not get swept up in the emotion of the occasion.

“We know that they have a lot of talent in their team, but we know that if we play well, then we play really well as a team,” he said. “We saw that in the first two games that we played, very clinical performances, and we just focused on exactly what we need to do.

“We’re not focusing on the opposition, so for us no-one’s a threat. For us, no one player matters more than the other for us. It’s about going into the park as the Indian cricket team and taking on whichever team is in front of us. If we play well, we can beat any side in the world. If you don’t play well, teams are going to come out and beat you. That’s how simple the game of cricket is, and it should be.”

Kohli believes his team will need to adapt to conditions quickly given that this will be the first match of the World Cup played at Old Trafford in Manchester.

“We have to be flexible. We can’t be rigid in our approach because if the conditions are very different from what we played in the last game, then we’ll have to think of different combinations, which areas to strengthen when it comes to the bowling attack. If pace becomes a more important option, then we’ll look to explore that.

“I can’t tell the fans to think of the game in a particular manner. For us, it’s a professional approach to the game. We can’t get too emotional or too over excited with any occasion. So obviously, the mindset of the player is always going to be different from the fans. You can’t mix the two. You can’t expect the fans to think in a professional manner, focusing on each ball. Our attention span has to be very precise on the field because we have that split second to make a decision.”

Click on the player below to listen to the alternative commentary stream provided by Guerilla Cricket.

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