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Mmusi Maimane’s birthday: Four other careers he could have had instead

Mmusi Maimane birthday jobsMmusi Maimane has officially turned 39 on Thursday. At this time of reflection, we’re looking at the other jobs he could turn to after politics.

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There’s no doubt about it: Mmusi Maimane is a man of many talents. He turns 39 on Thursday, and in the last year of his thirties, he’s certainly achieved more than most.

Birthday wishes for Mmusi Maimane

The DA leader has enjoyed a four-year stint in charge of the opposition party, and despite some recent setbacks, he remains in charge for the foreseeable future. His popularity may be open to interpretation for some people, but when Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula are wishing you a happy birthday, you must have got something right…

Of course, birthdays are the perfect time to reflect and contemplate on how life has treated you so far. All things considered, Mmusi Maimane has had a good time of things. But where would he be today, had he chosen a different path? That’s what we’re going to take a brief look at.

Mmusi Maimane’s previous jobs

  • Lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business Science.
  • Independent Business consultant.
  • Pastor at churches in Randburg, Gauteng.
  • And… perhaps a spot of modelling?

Following his extensive educational career – which took him from Witwatersrand to North Wales – Maimane ran his own management consultancy and lectured at a business school in Johannesburg, before he applied to run as a DA candidate for Johannesburg City Council.

In 2011, a confident and aspirational Maimane applied to run as the DA’s candidate for the position of Mayor of Johannesburg. The new kid on the block, Maimane, defeated contender Vasco da Gama to be elected as the DA mayoral candidate for Johannesburg. He never looked back from there and assumed control of the party four years later.

Birthday bumps

However, up until 2014, Maimane used to preach at the Discovery Church in Randburg and just down the road at Liberty Church. As a pastor, he’d perform sermons under his official first name, Aloysias – a name which he also used during a rather candid photo-shoot in 2004.

Yes, the actual leader of the opposition was caught giving it his best Derek Zoolander impression 15 years ago:

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Photo: Unathi Mankayi / Twitter

Quality. It’s always nice to have irons in the fire. But if we’re being honest, Mmusi Maimane’s birthday is just the best excuse we have to drag up this photo. Please Mmusi, talk us through those yellow pants, would you?

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