Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Jacob Zuma asks “what have I done that’s corrupt?” – Let’s jog his memory

Jacob ZumaJacob Zuma, once again, is pleading ignorance when it comes to the corruption allegation laid against him. So we thought we’d give him a recap.

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One of the greatest chess players in South African political history has been on the campaign trail this Friday and was in no mood to entertain the idea that he has facilitated any corruption during his time at the top. Former President Jacob Zuma came out fighting when journalists pressed him for answers in KwaMashu, KZN.

JZ is back in the dock next week as his corruption trial in Pietermaritzburg resumes. However, it would seem he hasn’t been paying attention since the case began 13 months ago: He’s accused of brokering an illicit arms deal with French company Thint – an agreement which allegedly involved bribes, deception and a fall-guy.

Jacob Zuma on the campaign trail

Schabir Shaikh operated with Zuma on this one and was jailed for 15 years back in 2005 for his involvement. Remarkably, Msholozi was spared the same treatment and went on to become president four years later.

During a feisty encounter with the media earlier on, Jacob Zuma asked reporters “what have I done?”, as he claimed that no-one has been able to tell him exactly why he’s corrupt:

“What have I done? What have I done with the corruption? Because I will listen to them if they are able to say ‘this is what Zuma has done’. So far, I haven’t heard anyone say that. That word [corruption] has been used just for propaganda.”

Jacob Zuma

Corruption allegations against Jacob Zuma

No-one’s explained it to you, Jacob? Allow us…

Tactical moves from Msholozi

We’ve not even got into the “missing Gaddafi millions” and the alleged bribes from certain underworld figures. But that top five should be enough to keep him informed for the time being.

No-one plays the game of politics quite like Jacob Zuma, and his insistence that “no-one has told him” what he’s done wrong is nothing more than a facetious attempt to defend himself. These next few weeks will be pivotal in determining his future, and how many years he’ll have left as a free man.

Regardless of the legal outcome, it’s a rather obtuse standpoint for Zuma to take, where he suggests that nobody has been telling him what he’s accused of. His alleged activities have filled column inches for the past 15 years.

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