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Fit to lead? These are the DA’s best achievements in government so far

Mmusi Maimane DA achievementsMmusi Maimane has been waxing lyrical about where the DA have succeeded over the years – and he’s got the receipts to back his claims up, too.

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During a press conference in Cape Town on Tuesday, Mmusi Maimane led a delegation of the DA’s top brass to blow his own trumpet to the assembled media. To be fair, he played a pretty good tune…

The second-biggest political party in South Africa certainly have their wobbles. The Patricia de Lille saga floored them in 2018, and it’s conceivable that they never really recovered from that during the recent elections. A few high-profile members have also suffered some foot-in-mouth moments, harming the DA’s credibility.

Mmusi Maimane on DA achievements

However, with the rough, there is usually the smooth. Maimane went through some of the independently-verified facts and figures about DA governments in the Western Cape, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tshwane, then hand-picked some of the more flattering sets of data.

“Despite this depressed economic and governance environment, DA-led governments are a step ahead – spearheading innovative plans and policies which are fast yielding positive results for the citizens living under these governments.”

“The DA has a vision for cities where city-led economic growth occupies the future of South Africa. Beyond supplying citizens with energy, water and basic services, our cities need to be at the centre of sustainable development because they are directly accountable to the people.”

Mmusi Maimane

The numbers, which have been acquired from the President’s Office, rating agencies and Independent Governance, go some way to showing that the DA are at least “capable” of running large metros and provinces:

Western Cape:

Metros and Municipalities

The other side of the coin for the DA

That’s all well and good, but not many people have been feeling the love for the DA, who recorded just over 20% of the public vote in the 2019 Elections. They have come in for criticism over unsatisfactory service delivery in certain municipal regions, with grumbles over housing also being dropped on their doorstep.

Like we said previously, with the smooth, there is usually the rough. But the figures that had Maimane and co purring on Tuesday are to be appreciated. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the DA do have a few things brewing.

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