Zindzi Mandela Twitter account calls out ‘apartheid apologists’

President Barack Obama and Zindzi and Zenani MandelaA Twitter account apparently belonging to Zindzi Mandela, daughter of Nelson, has sparked a heated debate on the social media platform.

zindzi mandela twitter account calls out apartheid apologists 1024x576 - Zindzi Mandela Twitter account calls out ‘apartheid apologists’

4aa226de barack obama zindzi and zenani mandela 1200x675 - Zindzi Mandela Twitter account calls out ‘apartheid apologists’

The daughter of late former president Nelson Mandela, Zindzi, appears to have taken to social media platform Twitter to air her views on certain sections of South African society.

Besides being the daughter of the founder of the Rainbow Nation, Zindzi is also South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark. This fact has become a huge part of the debate on her social media outburst.

Zindzi Mandela sparks debate

Seemingly unprovoked, Zindzi sparked an extremely heated debate on Twitter when she posted the following Tweet:

The immediate reaction to her opinion was outrage from white South Africans who believed, regardless of her personal views, an ambassador for the country should represent everyone from that country.

Sticking to her guns

Far from apologetic, Zindzi’s tweets became increasingly antagonistic as she double down on her opinions, alternating between hashtags #TheLandIsOurs, #OurLand, and #TheirLand.

Account not verified

It should be noted that her account is not verified as official on Twitter and while the account does seem like it belongs to her, it is not 100% confirmed.

Whether or not it is an official account, the views expressed did garner some support on Twitter as well.

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