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When South Africa’s 2019 election results will be out and who will win

Voting elections IECSouth Africa’s 2019 General Election is one of the most anticipated since the dawn of democracy. Here’s what you need to know about when the results and winners will be announced.

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Rampant corruption, ballooning national debt and depressed
investor confidence have weighed down the potential of the country under the
ANC, which has ruled since the end of apartheid and is widely tipped to win
again, polling at more than 50 percent of the vote.

The ANC has staunched a decline in popularity caused by
corruption scandals, lacklustre growth and record unemployment.

The party is still expected to win the vote, but the result
will reveal whether its new leader, President Cyril Ramaphosa, can reverse
growing resentment among South African voters.

The election comes 25 years since Nelson Mandela led the
African National Congress (ANC) to power in the country’s first multi-racial
ballot, which marked the globally-celebrated end of apartheid rule.

Support for the ANC has fallen in every election since 2004
with the party winning just 54 percent in 2016 local elections, compared with
62 percent in the last national vote in 2014.

Ramaphosa, 66, took office last year when Jacob Zuma was
forced to resign as president by the ANC after a nine-year reign dominated by
corruption allegations and economic woes.

When to expect the 2019 election results

As has been the tradition, the Independent Electoral
Commission (IEC) will release the official election results the Saturday after
the polls – that’s 11 May 2019.

Some results will start filtering through much sooner,
though, and we should have some snapshot of what the results might look like by
Thursday afternoon.

 The commission’s
deputy CEO Masego Shiburi said:

“Traditionally we’ve always released the results on a Saturday after the election day.

“However, the commission can’t release the result earlier than 21:00 on Friday because it must first consider all the objections that are material to the outcome of the results.”

Once all of that is dealt with, the results can be
officially announced. There will also be a number of predictions and forecasts
on the day of the elections and once polls have closed.

Who will win South Africa’s 2019 election?

That’s the big question. These elections are being billed as
the biggest since the country’s dawn of democracy. And that’s not just because
a record number of voters have been registered.

The African National Congress (ANC) has remained in power
nationally ever since 1994.

However, the ruling party has been losing support since
2014. Polls have showed that this trend is likely to continue.

Most analysts believe that the ANC will remain in power
nationally with the majority vote. And while they might lose suppot and polls should
be taken with a pinch of salt, the majority of them put the ANC in the lead
nationally with between 50-60% of the vote.

Provincially, the picture is a bit more complicated – and much
harder to predict.

If you came here wanting answers, you’re not alone.  The top elections-related questions South
Africa Africans asked on Google in the week leading up to Wednesday’s general
election was who to vote for and who will win.

So, who will win, then? We’re not going to put our heads on the block. Instead, keep an eye on the elections result feature – predictions, forecasts and official results will be updated there are soon as they start filtering in.

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