Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

When it rains, it pours: Caster Semenya’s phone hacked by scammers

Caster Semenya hackedIt’s been a week featuring more downs than ups for Caster Semenya, who’s now having to deal with some technical issues. We’re looking at you, MTN.

when it rains it pours caster semenyas phone hacked by scammers 1024x724 - When it rains, it pours: Caster Semenya’s phone hacked by scammers

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One of the most challenging weeks in Caster Semenya’s life concluded with her falling victim to a hacking scam over the weekend. The athlete has taken to Twitter to warn her friends, family members and work colleagues that a fake message is being sent from her phone in an attempt to con them out of money.

Caster Semenya hacked by scammers

At first, she was alerted to some suspicious behaviour on her WhatsApp account on Friday evening. She shared a Facebook status clarifying the breach. Now it seems things have escalated since then, and she’s been forced to tell her 242 000 followers that she’s no longer in control of the messages her phone is sending:

The Court of Arbitration (CAS) for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland last week ruled that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)’s proposed rules to force female athletes to “regulate” their testosterone, was “discriminatory” but “necessary“.

The regulations will apply to events ranging from 400m to one mile. Athletes who want to continue running in these events will have to take performance limiting drugs to “regulate” their hormones.

Semenya’s testosterone levels are not publicly known, however, she responded with a resounding “hell no” when asked whether she would be taking any medication.

The World Medical Association also urged doctors not to prescribe these drugs, warning that it borders on breaking the ethical code.

However, our golden girl showed that nothing could keep her down. The track superstar stormed home to glory in the 800m race in Doha on Friday, with the Diamond League meeting being her last event before she has to comply with new regulations – the decision, however, may yet face an appeal.

Twitter sleuths suspect Lynsey Sharp

Even at this darkest of hours for Semenya, her supporters still found a way to raise a smile. Some even blamed one of her rivals on the track, Lynsey Sharp, for the MTN mishap:

The Scottish runner has been identified as one of Caster’s strongest critics and has often questioned her eligibility to run as a female athlete. Sharp finished ninth in Doha, suggesting her biggest problem isn’t with Semenya at all.

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