Weather update: Alerts issued for severe storms and flooding across SA

The SA weather service issued alerts for storms leading to hail and localised flooding across five provinces on 11 November 2020.

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The Gauteng Weather Twitter account warned of heavy rain and flooding in parts of Johannesburg today; the storm is moving north. The South African Weather Service also warned of heavy rainfall across five provinces.

Here’s what you need to know.

Weather update: Wednesday 11 November

Joburg storm alerts

As per the Gauteng Weather announcement, an alert was issued for thunderstorms and flooding across parts of southern Gauteng, the West Rand and parts of Johannesburg.

The alert will be active for Wednesday, 11 November. However, Gauteng Weather warns that the storm is “moving into the East Rand” and that the severe storm warning will be in effect until midnight.

“Storms active over parts of southern Gauteng and the West Rand, moving east of Johannesburg. Up to a 50% chance of rain with no warning today”.

Gauteng Weather, Twitter

Weather alerts for other provinces

This follows after the South African Weather Service shared yellow alerts for severe storms and hail along with the risk of localised flooding across five provinces on 10 November.

While the SAWS didn’t say until when the alerts will remain active, it warned that residents should take precautionary measures against heavy rain leading to flooding, hail, and strong winds.

The areas on alert include the following provinces: Gauteng, eastern North West, eastern Free State, western Mpumalanga, south-western Limpopo. The SAWS came under fire for failing to issue alerts sooner.

Road closures


The Gauteng Traffic Police warns of an “old excavation site” on Turffontein corner Eastwood, next to Turffontein fire station. The “dangerous sunken road surface [affects traffic] across multiple lanes near a bend”.

As per the images seen below, the situation is exacerbated thanks to heavy rainfall.


Residents in Wonderfontein, Mpumalanga are warned of traffic delays “across the highveld region” due to heavy rain and wet weather. In addition, motorists should proceed with caution.

We’ll share updates pertaining to road closures here as it becomes available.

Weather Update: Flooding in Gauteng

On Tuesday 10 November, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department warned motorists that Joe Slove Drive and Siemert Street in the CBD was “flooded under the railway bridge”.

They shared the following image and suggested that motorists “avoid and use alternative routes”.

76ac00dd johannesburg flooding - Weather update: Alerts issued for severe storms and flooding across SA
Image via JMPD/Twitter

Road safety

If you happen to be on the road during a thunder or lightning storm, adhere to the rules of the road at all times. Heavy rain creates dangerous road conditions, so it is advised to pull over and find shelter if possible.

In addition, pooling on roads causes slippery conditions. Moreover, severe thunderstorms bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, hail, urban flooding, visibility of hail and severe lightning.

If you do pull over, remember to turn the engine off but keep your hazard lights on to warn other motorists that your vehicle is stationary. It’s a myth that your rubber tyres offer protection from a lightning strike so ensure that you don’t touch anything metal inside the car.

Free State


Stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts in all provinces by viewing our reports, here.

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