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Watch: These school kids risk their lives to save an ANC poster [video]

anc poster fatima aaliyahHas electioneering gone a bit too far?

watch these school kids risk their lives to save an anc poster video 1024x653 - Watch: These school kids risk their lives to save an ANC poster [video]

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Some would argue that this was a ridiculous idea. These two school children were filmed running onto a very busy road to save an ANC poster that had been removed from where it had been hung.

On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa took to Twitter to share a video showing how these two “brave” kids ‘saved his life’. Fatima Zehra Cassiem and Aaliyah Baker are two young learners from Greenside Primary School, in Johannesburg.

Fatima and Aaliyah ‘save the president’

On Thursday, 18 April, the two girls filmed themselves rescuing an ANC election poster, bearing the face of Ramaphosa, from oncoming traffic.

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It is not certain how the poster was removed from where it was hung but according to the girls, they would not tolerate any car driving over their president.

When the opportunity came, the two girls rushed onto the road and picked up the poster, before rushing back to the sidewalk in excitement.

It is not certain if the person holding the camera was an adult or not, however, the video received mixed reactions from people who thought that this was reckless.

Ramaphosa and wife meet with Fatima and Aaliyah

There may have been no cars coming in on the side of the road that had the poster but traffic was quite busy on the other side.

We would not struggle to imagine the kind of danger the girls were exposed to.

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Alas, after removing it from the road, they joyfully held the ANC poster, shouting “our president!”.

Ramaphosa somehow caught wind of this inspiring display, and he invited the two girls to one of his residences in Johannesburg. There, Fatima and Aaliyah met Ramaphosa and the First Lady, Dr Tshepo Motsepe.

The president noted how he was inspired by the girls’ actions. The two learners told the president that there wish was for clean toilets at their school, quality education, and appropriate shelter for the destitute, among other things.

Watch: Two girls risk it all for ANC poster

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