Mon. May 25th, 2020

Watch: Teacher allegedly invigilates exam with a gun [video]

Mabusabesala Secondary School exam gunThe Mabusabesala Secondary School educator can be seen carrying what looks to be a handgun while he walks around the classroom.

watch teacher allegedly invigilates exam with a gun video 1024x824 - Watch: Teacher allegedly invigilates exam with a gun [video]

Capture 1200x966 - Watch: Teacher allegedly invigilates exam with a gun [video]

A grade 11 teacher at the Mabusabesala Secondary School in Weltevrede has been suspended pending an investigation into a video which shows him holding what appears to be a firearm while walking around an exam venue.

Mabusabesala Secondary School in shock

The Mpumalanga department of education launched the investigation as soon as it became aware of the video.

They also dispatched councellers to help anyone who may have been traumatised by the situation.

“The department will monitor the developments at the school very closely,” the department said in a statement, according to Mpumalanga News.

“This is an isolated incident and it will not be tolerated regardless of the circumstances. Those who are involved in the upbringing and moulding of children should always ensure that they set high moral standards.

“The department urges teachers and stakeholders to uphold the honour and dignity of the teaching profession and expose any behaviour that seeks to undermine this virtue.”

A case has been opened with the South African Police Service.

Watch: Gun-toting teacher

The video, first shared by Jacaranda News on Twitter on Friday morning, can be seen below.

It is difficult to imagine a satisfactory explanation for what occurred at Mabusabesala Secondary School in the video, but it is important to remember the rule of law in this country presumes anyone and everyone innocent until proven guilty.

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