Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Watch: Snow hits South Africa as temperatures plummet [video]

Snow underbergSnow fell on our side of the border with Lesotho over the Easter weekend, with parts of Free State and KwaZulu-Natal getting the best of the white stuff.

watch snow hits south africa as temperatures plummet video 1024x768 - Watch: Snow hits South Africa as temperatures plummet [video]

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If you’ve noticed a certain drop in temperature this weekend, you won’t be the only ones. Many South Africans are now swapping their air-conditioners for heaters as winter slowly stalks us from afar. Things got chillier in Underberg and the border of Free State and Lesotho this week, and the snow came tumbling down.

As we reported on Thursday, Snow Report SA predicted that there’d be about 5cm of snow on our side: The Drakensberg Mountains are usually the first to experience a dusting when the mercury plummets, and that’s exactly what we saw on Sunday.

Snow in South Africa: Underberg and Lesotho border affected

Attendees at the Splashy Fen Festival were treated to the most prolific snowfall this time around. The musical extravaganza is held in Underberg, KZN and combines live performances with the perfect winter getaway. This was the scene at the gates of the festival when the first flurry made landfall in the Southern Drakensberg:

Snowing in Lesotho

But the bulk of the covering came across the border in Lesotho: AfriSki – the only skiing resort of its kind in Southern Africa – was pummeled by the snow. In fact, things got so hectic, roads to the venue were briefly closed to all non-4×4 vehicles trying to reach the 3223m summit.

Those attending Winterfest at this location in August will be hoping for similar conditions to these:

Easter Monday weather

Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are all set for lower temperatures and cooler conditions on Easter Monday as autumn takes a turn for the bitter. Elsewhere, you can expect high winds in the Western Cape and flood warnings are in place for parts of Zululand, King Cetshwayo and Umkhanyakude district municipalities.

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The snow across the Maluti Mountains, taken in Lesotho – Photo: AfriSki / Twitter

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