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Watch: Medics resuscitate Nipsey Hussle moments after shooting [video]

nispey hussle deadThe video content in this article is of a graphic nature. Please be advised.

watch medics resuscitate nipsey hussle moments after shooting video 1024x683 - Watch: Medics resuscitate Nipsey Hussle moments after shooting [video]

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Please note that the article contains very graphic content. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised

Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Davidson Asghedon, was shot dead outside of his clothing store, the Marathon Clothing Company in Crenshaw, Los Angeles on Sunday.

It is believed that the US rapper was targeted by an unknown suspect who, after spraying Nipsey with bullets, fled the scene in an unidentified getaway car.

Nipsey, along with two other victims, were transported to a nearby hospital but soon afterwards, the rapper was pronounced dead.

ReadNipsey Hussle killing linked to the death of Dr Sebi

Questions arise about who killed Nipsey Hussle

The death of the L.A rapper has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. Some believe the hit was gang-related since Nipsey has, in the past, openly admitted to being a member of the Rollin 60s Crips gang. Others, however, point at more powerful and influential figures — the US government and medical.corporations.

Nipsey was working on a documentary about the 1985 trial of Dr Sebi before he died. The Honduran herbalist won a trial against the government for his alternative pharmaceutical beliefs and practices.

Scores of people have since made links between the suspicious death of Dr Sebi and the shocking, untimely news of Nipsey’s killing.

However, nothing speculated will hold weight. Not until the authorities provide an official statement on evidence collected so far.

As far as it is known, investigators have not made any progress in identifying the shooter — or shooters — involved in this killing.

One eye witness, who was on the scene of the shooting, filmed the rapper in his final moments.

The short clip shows Nipsey being resuscitated by medics shortly after he was shot. The person who took this footage, we understand, will be instrumental in providing a key account to what happened outside that clothing store, on Sunday.

Watch: Medics try to revive Nipsey (eye witness recording)

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