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Watch: JMPD welcomes 1 000 new recruits [photos, videos]

The City of Joburg welcomed 1 085 new JMPD recruits on Monday, 25 November 2019 at the Nasrec Expo Centre.

watch jmpd welcomes 1 000 new recruits photos videos 1024x732 - Watch: JMPD welcomes 1 000 new recruits [photos, videos]

Mayor Herman Mashaba and the MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun, joined the Chief of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) David Tembe for the parade ceremony for 1000 new recruits.

It was the single largest recruitment of metro police officers across any of South Africa’s metros. According to Mashaba, the new officers will bolster the capacity to better respond to crime.

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Caption: “[Herman Mashaba] extended his gratitude and appreciation to the JMPD staff for answering the call of service and wishing us success as we serve and protect our community. He encouraged officers to work hard and ensure that [the City of Joburg] is a safer place for all.” / Image via Twitter: @AskTheChiefJMPD

“The world’s greatest nations and cities are distinguishable by their ability to keep their people safe in the best of times and especially in the worst of times”.

Herman Mashaba

Speaking at the historical event, outgoing Mayor Mashaba said the country’s public service has fallen to “unbelievable depths”, calling it “one of South Africa’s greatest tragedies.”

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Caption: “With my people witnessing and celebrating the most historic Passing Out Parade of JMPD recruits. 1 085 new members. A national record. Well done City of Joburg leadership.” / Image via Twitter: @crimeairnetwork

South Africa falling short

He added:

“This can be attributed to the dire lack of the quality of personnel, that forms a significant portion of our public service, which is meant to serve us.”

In addition, Mashaba said the lack of quality personnel can be blamed on “numerous savoury practices” which most of those in attendance “are familiar with.”

Moreover, Mashaba explained that he was referring to “cronyism, nepotism, and rampant corruption.” He added that the service sector had been unable to escape the clutches of the politically connected.

Mashaba also extended his gratitude and appreciation to the JMPD staff who for “answering the call of service”. He wished them success as they serve and protect their communities.

“Highest ethical standards”

Furthermore, Chief of Police David Tembe said the newly appointed officers will be “devoted to their duties”. In addition, they will maintain the “highest ethical standards and professional conduct at all times”.

“Newly appointed officers are expected to serve and protect our communities in the [City of Johannesburg] with pride, honesty, enthusiasm, and assist to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities”.

Chief of JMPD, David Tembe

Some of the newly graduated officers also said at the event that they are “extremely excited or the opportunity and looking forward to their careers as JMPD officers.”

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