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Watch: Golden Arrow bus catches fire at Cape Town terminus [video]

golden arrow bus fire cape town terminusThis has not been linked to an arson attack, officials confirm.

watch golden arrow bus catches fire at cape town terminus video 1024x683 - Watch: Golden Arrow bus catches fire at Cape Town terminus [video]

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Commuters have been warned to practice caution when travelling around the Cape Town terminus after videos showing a stationary Golden Arrow bus in flames, surfaced on social media.

What happened at the Cape Town terminus?

As reported by Times Live, the bus was scheduled to depart from its terminal and make its way to Mitchell’s Plain when it went up in flames at around 14:30.

Luckily, according to Golden Arrow spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer, the bus caught fire before opening its doors to allow passengers to get on board.

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There have been no reported injuries or fatalities. Dyke-Beyer also noted that although the event could easily be tied to the recent spate of targeted attacks on Metrorail trains, there was no indication that led them to believe that this was an arson attack.

Golden Arrow bus fire not linked to arson

SA Fire Watch, a popular Facebook account that publishes content around South Africa’s current affairs, described this as the result of a warning that was allegedly issued earlier in the week.

“Services will start to be interrupted as there was word going around of major protests and a national type of protest action,” the admin of the account wrote.

There has, so far, not been any official confirmation of this information from authorities, however.

The city’s public transport system has recently come under fire, with the trains being the most vulnerable.

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During the Easter weekend alone, 12 coaches were burned down at the Cape Town station. These reckless actions, according to Unite Behind, have cost the locomotive company a total of R33-million.

Regarding the fire at the terminus, Dyke-Beyer implored commuters to ignore reports that this was an orchestrated attack.

Watch: Bus burns to ashes at Cape Town terminus

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