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Watch: Cyril Ramaphosa says Zuma looks good in retirement [video]

cyril ramaphosa jacob zumaFor Msholozi, in retirement, life is like a potbelly. The bigger it is, the more peace it brings.

watch cyril ramaphosa says zuma looks good in retirement video 1024x619 - Watch: Cyril Ramaphosa says Zuma looks good in retirement [video]

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It has been some time since we have seen President Cyril Ramaphosa in the same room with his predecessor, Jacob Zuma.

However, from time to time, whenever they do, as the leadership of the African National Congress (ANC), they have to maintain decorum and tolerate each other.

Cyril Ramaphosa officiates launch of ANC school

As reported by Times Live, on Thursday evening, Ramaphosa officiated the launch of the ANC’s political school, the OR Tambo School of Leadership.

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The auspicious occasion was attended by high-ranking officers of the ruling party, including the embattled secretary-general, Ace Magashule, who gave the welcome address.

Ramaphosa condemns Gangster State launch attacks

Ramaphosa spoke about a number of issues, including the disruptions of the Gangster State book launch that occurred in Sandton on Wednesday.

“All forms of degrading the values and the principles of our movement. These are cadres who, like all of us, in uncertain terms, condemn the actions of those who tend to do things that are strange to our movement. Things such as disrupting a book launch in Johannesburg a few days ago and who called for books to be burned,” he said.

He asserted the fact that all the violence that has been on display this week — allegedly purported by members of the party — was not what the ANC stood for.

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The president also touched on the importance of indoctrinating the ANC’s future leaders with political education that Tambo stood for.

“The influence of political education, especially in terms of policy formulation, policy execution and enforcement cannot be understated, and it will be those comrades who are products of the OR Tambo School of Leadership who will have a very acute understanding of the policies of our movement,” he added.

The Rama-Zuma moment

Ramaphosa ended off his speech to a standing ovation and as he made his way to his seat, he shared a light moment of humour with his predecessor.

Friday marks Zuma’s 77th birthday, and Ramaphosa made a remark about how the former president was looking good in retirement.

A laughing Zuma pointed at his bulging potbelly to show that he was indeed at peace with life outside the realm of politics.

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