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Watch: Angelo Agrizzi held at gunpoint in JHB “shake-up” [video]

Angelo Agrizzi held at gunpoint“All I can tell you is that, after the testimony, you might meet me at my funeral.”

watch angelo agrizzi held at gunpoint in jhb shake up video 1024x639 - Watch: Angelo Agrizzi held at gunpoint in JHB “shake-up” [video]

agrizzi 1200x749 - Watch: Angelo Agrizzi held at gunpoint in JHB “shake-up” [video]

Angelo Agrizzi, the controversial former chief operating
officer of Bosasa, was held at gunpoint while waiting at a petrol station in
Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon.

The former Bosasa executive, whose testimony before the
Commission of Inquiry into State Capture implicated a host of government
officials in bribery and corruption, believes that the hold-up was orchestrated
as an intimidation tactic. Agrizzi confirmed the incident and added that it was
not the first time a “shake-up” of that nature had occurred.

Agrizzi predicts his demise

The difference, this time, is that the entire incident was
caught on CCTV camera. During his revelatory testimony, which was especially
damning for the African National Congress (ANC), Agrizzi infamously predicted
deadly reprisal, saying:

“All I can tell you is that, after the testimony, you might meet me at my funeral. I am afraid of what will happen after the testimony, but I am going ahead with what I have already started.”

After numerous death threats and warnings, ostensibly ordered by those in “high-powered positions”, Agrizzi, on Wednesday, looked directly down the barrel of a gun. The attack has all the hallmarks of a hijacking or robbery – indeed, the perpetrators, clad in black balaclavas, managed to escape the scene with Agrizzi’s bag of personal belongings.

Watch: Angelo Agrizzi held at gunpoint

The former Bosasa chief has, however, pointed to a subversive political plot, rather than daylight robbery. Speaking to The Citizen in the wake of the incident, which, admittedly, had left him shaken, Agrizzi explained why this was no ordinary theft by reciting the words which the gunmen uttered, saying:

“The words uttered were ‘stop talking’”

Agrizzi said that the incident was a “shake-up and
orchestrated warning”.

Hate speech and corruption charges

In addition to the ever-present threat of deadly reprisal, Agrizzi has been hauled before the courts for his use of the K-word in a recorded conversation and for a dodgy tender deal signed between Bosasa and the Department of Corrections.

Agrizzi has been granted bail by the Pretoria Specialised
Commercial Court.

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