Sat. May 30th, 2020

Vryburg: Bizarre plane crash prompts cops to open culpable homicide case

A fatal plane crash which destroyed residential properties in Vryburg has left SAPS with questions to answer, as they pursue a culpable homicide case.

vryburg bizarre plane crash prompts cops to open culpable homicide case - Vryburg: Bizarre plane crash prompts cops to open culpable homicide case

A bizarre scene confronted the North West branch of the SA Police Service (SAPS) on Sunday evening after a light Piper aircraft crashed between two houses. The plane had hit the garage wall of one of the homes at Isaac Peloeng Street at Huhudi, near Vryburg.

Vryburg plane crash – death toll and damage reported

The pilot, identified as a 30-year-old male, was found dead at the scene. A passenger and a crew member travelling on-board were injured in the crash-landing, but they have survived and are currently recovering in hospital – but it seems this particular ordeal is only just beginning.

28e3fe58 vryburg plane crash culpable homicide 1 - Vryburg: Bizarre plane crash prompts cops to open culpable homicide case
This picture was taken shortly after the aircraft crashed into two properties in Vryburg, North West. SAPS have confirmed they will be pursuing a culpable homicide case – Photo: SAPS / Twitter

Although the police have refused to indulge us on the matter, they confirmed that a case of culpable homicide has been opened. Although all the facts are yet to be established, there’s a possibility that the surviving crew members failed to act in a responsible manner, compelling the police to dig a little deeper on this issue.

Why has a culpable homicide case been opened?

Details remain sketchy on what caused the carnage, and how exactly the plane ended up ploughing into two homes on a residential street. A statement released by SAPS confirmed that no-one got injured on the ground during the crash, and the only fatality was the young pilot. According to the police, the crew were on their way to Pretoria before they encountered difficulty shortly after take-off:

“According to information available at this stage, a 30-year-old pilot was declared dead on the scene whereas his passenger/crew was injured and transported to hospital. It is alleged that the aircraft was flying from Vryburg to Pretoria, when it crashed.”

“The cause of the crash is unknown at this stage and the Civil Aviation Authority is conducting an investigation in terms of Aviation Act 17 of 1946. The families of the two affected residences were advised to vacate their houses for safety reasons pending removal of the wreckage. An investigation into the matter is underway. The incident occurred near Vryburg at about 17:00 on Sunday 6 October 2019.”

SAPS statement

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