Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Virgin Active bans alleged masturbator for life

virgin active stellenbosch mastrubatorVirgin Active took swift action against a man allegedly caught mastrubating at one of their gym facilities.

virgin active bans alleged masturbator for life 1024x853 - Virgin Active bans alleged masturbator for life

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Virgin Active South Africa has taken swift action against a
man who was allegedly caught masturbating at one of the company’s gyms. VA said
they have banned the man for life from all of their facilities following a
social media uproar.

According to reports, the video was taken  at a gym in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

The shocking video which showed a man allegedly masturbating
on the floor of a Virgin Active gym went viral on Friday. The video, taken by a
gym member and shared to Twitter, shows a young man dressed in a red shirt
sitting with one hand in his pants while holding his phone with the other. A
white towel is draped across his lower body while he sits on an exercise mat.

His phone appears to be pointing at a woman in front of him
doing squats, all while other gym members around him seem completely unaware of
his actions.

“I want this man’s face to go viral. This was at the
Virgin Active in Stellenbosch @virginactiveSA. 
Absolutely abysmal behaviour,” the poster captioned the video.

VA  also said that
they agreed the  man’s behaviour was
despicable. His membership was immediately terminated.

The man in the video has not been identified and it is not
clear how hold he is, hence the decision by this to not share the video on this

It is not clear if criminal charges will be laid yet. Gallingly, some social media commentators laughed the incident off as a joke.

The incident has led to women (and men) taking to Twitter to talk about how misogynism impacts them.

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