Mon. May 25th, 2020

Triggerfish launches free career-focused learning platform for animators

Triggerfish, in partnership with Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, has launched Triggerfish Academy, a free digital learning platform for anyone wanting to understand more about the career opportunities and how to get started in the field of animation.

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Animation is currently a sought after skill in nearly every creative space. From traditional media to app and game development, animation has become an essential part of the creative toolkit.

While the path to a career in animation has traditionally been difficult and inaccessible to most, a local animation studio is trying to make learning the basic skills needed to pursue a career in animation accessible to all.

Triggerfish is the South African studio that has received international acclaim for Adventures in Zambezia (2012) and Khumba (2013) which are among the top 5 highest-grossing South African feature films of all time.

Triggerfish Academy represents a partnership between Triggerfish, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation and the Goethe-Institut.

It is a free digital learning platform intended to show the career opportunities in the field as well as the basic skills needed for a career in animation.

Tim Argall designed the course and managed to include some of the brightest stars in South African animation to contribute to the content. Argall explains:

“As kids, animation is part of our lives, so we don’t really think about the idea that animation is actually somebody’s job. When I was a kid, I loved animation, and I loved to draw. I remember when I was about 12, I thought: ‘I really want to see my drawings come to life. I want to be an animator.’ But I had no idea where to even begin.”

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Triggerfish Academy tutors. Image supplied

For Argall, Triggerfish Academy is his attempt to create an accessible entry point into the world of animation for Africa’s future storytellers and animators.

Triggerfish Academy is designed so that users can work through the content on their own or facilitated by a teacher as part of a lesson plan.

Schools, NGOs and other animation studios who wish to use Triggerfish Academy can contact Triggerfish for additional resources. Noemie Njangiru, head of Culture and Development at Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, added:

“By the end of working through this course, you’ll have all the background you need to know whether animation is a good choice for your career.”

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