Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Tony Leon back on the campaign trail, blasts ANC and EFF

tony leonThe former DA leader did not mince his words regarding his feelings about the EFF and ANC.

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Former leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Tony Leon, marked his return to politics with a few swipes directed at the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), and his old foe, the African National Congress (ANC).

As reported by Times Live, it has been years since we last heard from Leon, who led the DA from its inception in 2000 until 2007.

Tony Leon on the campaign trail

However, with the air around these elections feeling different, the ANC seemingly weakened, and much of the country dissatisfied with its leadership, Leon rose from the shadows to hit the campaign trail hard in Gauteng.

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Blasts EFF as cult movement

Speaking with residents from Eldorado Park and Glenhazel, Leon implored voters to see the EFF for what it truly is, a cult movement and not a political party.

He also lambasted the ANC as a “mishmash” political party under the rule of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Leon noted that a coalition government was the only way to remove the ANC from power but that it was risky doing business with a ‘cult’.

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“I have very strong views against the EFF and they are well-known and I have written about them so what the DA decides to do with its future relationship with them is up to the party to decide,” he said.

Lambasts ANC as “mishmash party”

Leon explained that Ramaphosa faced a serious task ahead. He noted that the president was the only person in his party with integrity and that this would be his major downfall in the years to come.

“You have got to have more than one club in your golf bag and you cannot play football without 11 men or women but with the ANC you have one and that is Cyril Ramaphosa and I have known him for a long time… intelligent, competent and good track record in some parts, but take him away, what you are left with you do not even want to look at,” he added

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Compares South Africa’s economy to 1989 under De Klerk

The former DA leader then compared South Africa’s current economic status to what it was like 30 years ago when the country was transitioning towards democracy, at an address that was held in Centurion on Tuesday evening.

“But going back if I might to the kruispad, the watershed. Here’s the thing. Economically we are in as much trouble today as we were politically 30 years ago when FW [De Klerk] took that decision to say change,” he added.

Leon implored voters to stick to the DA if change is what they sought, pointing at Mmusi Maimane as the changemaker South Africa needs.

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