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This is why Emtee can’t leave Ambitiouz Entertainment

emtee ambitiouz entertainmentEmtee may have signed his creative freedom away – for life.

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Popular rapper Emtee, born Mthembeni Ndevu, may have had ambitions to leave his record label, but his signature print on an air-tight contract is the reason why this may never happen — at least not in the near future.

As reported by City Press, a week after Emtee launched the #FreeEmtee campaign on social media, calling on his fans to help him remove the shackles he’s supposedly been trapped in at Ambitiouz Entertainment, it seems as if the love has been restored between the two.

Why did Emtee want to leave Ambitiouz Entertainment?

Emtee has become the fourth notable act to publicly state his displeasure with how his label situation is set up at Ambitiouz.

In 2018 the independent label lost high-selling acts like A-Reece, Fefe Cooper and Benchmarq due to frustrations with how they were treated.

During the turmoil, the label’s most successful artist, Emtee, was quiet, opting to remove himself from taking any sides because at least his cheques were clearing.

However, we would learn of his frustrations earlier in 2019 when he made subliminal accusations about the quality of treatment he has received at the label.

Bureaucratic processes

In an earlier rant, the artist noted that there were bureaucratic issues that had halted the release of a biographical documentary he wanted to release.

Marketing issues with recent album

He also complained about the lacklustre performance his sophomore album DIY2. According to the rapper, not much effort was put into marketing the product, especially given the attention handed to new sensations such as Amanda Black.

This is why he can’t get out of his contract

With all of the support he has received since demanding that he be released from his contract, it may have all been for nothing. The rapper has since had a sudden change of heart about his label situation, telling the cited publication that:

“Sometimes you work with people you disagree or agree with and it’s okay. Business is business. I am not going to let people take advantage of the situation.” — Emtee in a recent interview with City Press.

However, sources close to the situation have indicated that the real reason why the rapper cannot be granted leave to terminate his contract with Ambitiouz is that he allegedly owes the label millions of rand.

It is believed that Emtee, with all the success he has garnered since 2015, has not been able to repay the advance he was awarded by the label.

Sources revealed that the rapper’s two Mercedes Benz cars — one of which has been allegedly repossessed and the other parked at a panel beater with thousands of rand needed to release it — and house were all fronted by Ambitiouz.

For him to be able to leave, the insiders stated that the rapper would have to find ways to repay the sum owed to the label.

It is also believed that, while his fans were rooting for him to exit the label, the rapper allegedly signed a two-album extension on his current agreement.

However, Emtee could neither confirm nor deny the rumour.

“As for the contract, whether I signed it or not [is] a private [and] confidential matter between me and the company,” he said.

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