Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

‘Third alcohol ban’ fears cause huge liquor store queues on Tuesday [pics]

The rumour mill has been in overdrive on Tuesday – and some people aren’t taking any chances, with whispers of a new alcohol ban doing the rounds.

third alcohol ban fears cause huge liquor store queues on tuesday pics - ‘Third alcohol ban’ fears cause huge liquor store queues on Tuesday [pics]

Nothing can make South Africans panic quite like a rumour that the liquor stores will be closing. A rogue voice note has sent drinkers into survival mode after it was claimed that President Ramaphosa would announce a third alcohol ban on Tuesday evening. Despite these claims being dismissed, it jolted many into action.

2dfaaa98 alcohol ban 2 - ‘Third alcohol ban’ fears cause huge liquor store queues on Tuesday [pics]
Photo: Werner Hills / Twitter

Why are people flocking to liquor stores on Tuesday?

Branches of Tops, Makro, and other leading bottle stores have been inundated with shoppers this afternoon, causing queues around the block in some locations. Citizens are understandably jumpy, after alcohol was banned without any prior warning at the start of July – prohibition was only lifted seven days ago.

Since then, a number of high-profile crimes have been linked to booze, sparking fears that a third alcohol ban may come into force. These allegations have since been proved wrong, even after Cyril Ramaphosa cancelled a planned meeting with SANEF this evening – right at the last minute.

bee0fd41 photo 2020 08 25 14 50 26 - ‘Third alcohol ban’ fears cause huge liquor store queues on Tuesday [pics]
Queues are forming at Makro stores in Johannesburg – Photo: Supplied

No, the alcohol ban isn’t returning on Tuesday

Nerves are undoubtedly shot across Mzansi. However, we’ve had sources reveal to us that any change to liquor laws are likely to avoid bringing the alcohol ban back in its previous form. And the rumoured ‘announcement’ set for Tuesday can also be chalked-up as ‘fake news’.

Instead, the government may follow-up on previous suggestions which aim to impose limits on how booze can be retailed. Their next move – whenever that may be – would be a ‘lite version’ of the existing regulations.

Shoppers fearing another alcohol ban stock-up

Things like quantitative limits – dictating how much liquor one person can buy at each store – are on the table. We’ve had no confirmation from the presidency that these changes will go ahead yet. But this lot won’t take any chances:

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