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“The fakes will be exposed” – Four quotes from Ace Magashule’s interview

Ace Magashule Gangster StateAnother interview where Ace categorically denies everything. Have fun…

the fakes will be exposed four quotes from ace magashules interview 1024x853 - “The fakes will be exposed” – Four quotes from Ace Magashule’s interview

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The ANC’s Secretary-General, Ace Magashule sat down for an exclusive interview with eNCA‘s Samkele Maseko, a couple of days after explosive allegations about him were made in a new book.

Ace Magashule speaks out about corruption allegations

Pieter-Louis Myburgh is the author of Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture. This book tears into the Secretary-General’s political past.

From testimonies about Magashule’s checkered struggle history to his alleged dabbles with the notorious Gupta family, Myburgh, in the book, places Magashule at the very centre of the corrupt links between government and state capturers.

The contents of the book were a key feature of the interview, but the SG also touched on the ANC’s shocking move of retracting its party list and sending it off to the integrity commission for review.

Here are some quotes from the interview.

“There’s an agenda to reverse the gains of our revolution”

Right from the onset, the SG took a defensive position in reacting to Maseko’s questioning. The reporter probed Magashule on the party’s position on fielding politicians who have been implicated in state capture.

Magashule’s response was that the party had to remain focused and not fall into the lures of dark forces that have targeted the ANC’s rule.

He said that they too, like every South African, deserve the right to declare their cadres innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

“How many others have been alleged to have done certain things in the entire country? Not even just ANC. I know people say, the ANC, in terms of it’s integrity, it’s different from the rest.

“But, there is no way the ANC itself, may want to deal with its own members who also have constitutional rights… those leaders will talk for themselves. Innocent until proven otherwise,” the secretary-general said.

“Time and space are important in politics”

This was a bizarre response. Magashule, seemingly hinting to an event that is yet to happen, told Maseko that in politics, time and space are very important.

He was responding to questions about him capturing the Free State in Myburgh’s book. Magashule, in not so many words, hinted that the public should anticipate an event that will shed light into the ‘dark forces’ that are supposedly using strategies to attempt to topple the ANC.

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“ANC list is a ANC product”

Magashule, reacting to the ANC’s decision on its list, warned that there might be legal repercussions for the party if anyone is removed from it.

This, he said, was largely due to the seemingly rigorous process the party underwent in arriving at the final names listed on it

“Any member, if you remove him from the list, you talk integrity or whatever, he will go to the constitutional court and say ‘my rights, as a citizen…(sic)’, I think they are right…

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When it’s white, there’s no corruption”

Magashule also claimed that it was strange that media scrutiny is largely focused on the alleged corrupt activities of ANC leaders.

This was his response when questioned about being the gangster lord of the Free State.

“I am not corrupt. Go to the Free State, go and check what I have done there. When it’s white, there’s no corruption. I will give you a list of the companies in the Free State which got work, throughout the years I was there. Nobody talks about any company…” he said

The interview ended with the SG telling us to watch this space, hinting at a legal battle that will supposedly reveal a side to th state capture story we aren’t privy to.

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