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State capture inquiry: Why Raymond Zondo’s brother could soon be implicated

State capture inquiry raymond zondo mxolisi zondoMxolisi Zondo – brother of the state capture inquiry’s leader, Raymond Zondo – is set to be implicated at the commission by Robert McBride.

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We’ve seen plenty of twists and turns during the state capture inquiry’s nine-month existence. It all started with Mcebisi Jonas revealing he was bribed by the Guptas and gained a second-wind when Angelo Agrizzi revealed the extent of Bosasa’s corruption. However, a scandal involving Raymond Zondo could top the lot.

Zondo is the head of the state capture inquiry – in fact, the panel is formally named after him. But the Zondo Commission may have an issue on their hands that directly involves Raymond’s brother.

Who is Mxolisi Zondo?

Robert McBride is currently in the hot seat on Thursday. Earlier on, it was revealed that his testimony would focus on Mxolisi Zondo, Raymond’s younger brother. The former Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) boss is expected to talk about Mxolisi’s handling of an inquiry from 2010.

The younger Zondo was in charge of the investigation into the Gauteng Hawks, shortly after they’d deported five Zimbabweans back home in highly-controversial fashion. By the time the chairperson concluded his report in 2015, Mxolisi had overseen the dismissal of former Major General Shadrack Sibiya.

State capture inquiry: Do we have a conflict of interest?

McBride is set to tell the commission about whether he has any concerns with the way Mxolisi Zondo acted in this situation. There were fears that this could cause a significant conflict of interest, and it was even suggested that Raymond Zondo may have to recuse himself.

Latest news from the state capture inquiry – Zondo to continue:

Paul Pretorius is one of the leading advocates gathering evidence for the investigation. He concluded that Zondo could carry on his position, as McBride is merely at the commission to share his opinion through the medium of his testimony. The unavailability of cold, hard facts is likely to mean Raymond goes nowhere.

“The nature of the evidence given by Mr McBride is an opinion. You sit as an investigator, you do not sit as a judge, nor would you have the power to recuse yourself.”

Paul Pretorious

Meanwhile, Mxolisi Zondo has told the commission he will be making no submissions to the committee, regardless of what Robert McBride suggests. That avoids another potential legal headache for Raymond. However, his younger sibling is likely to be implicated at some point during the ex-IPID chief’s time at the commission.

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