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Soshanguve man allegedly hangs girlfriend’s three children, himself

elections north west ganyesi ikageng edutywa ginsbergThere was a horror discovery in Soshanguve earlier this week, after police were called when neighbours noticed the man acting strangely.

soshanguve man allegedly hangs girlfriends three children himself 1024x458 - Soshanguve man allegedly hangs girlfriend’s three children, himself

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The police have opened a case of murder against a 29-year-old man who is accused of killing his girlfriend’s three children before hanging himself in a tragic murder-suicide.

Neighbours call police

The community of Soshanguve in Gauteng, where the incident took place, has been stunned by the news, according to a report by eNCA.

Police were called in by neighbours of the man after they saw him acting strangely with the children, without their mother present, before entering his house.

The mother was seemingly completely unaware of the situation as she thought he was merely taking them to school when he had come to pick them up earlier in the day.

Gruesome discovery in Soshanguve

The police found the bodies of the three children – aged 11, three and two – hanged in the man’s home, where he was also found dead by the same method.

“Police were called to one of the houses in Soshanguve where the community members noticed a man enter the house with the three children. When they went in there, they found all four were hanging,” said police spokesperson captain Kay Makhubele.

“Preliminary investigations indicated that a man who is 29-years-old took three children from the mother’s house.”

eNCA also spoke to a neighbour of the man, who noted nothing untoward about his interactions with the children until she later saw police vans outside his house.

“They all looked normal. I went into my house to start cooking and a few minutes later I saw a police van rushing past and I got out to check what is happening,” said Mariah Motshwening, a neighbour.

“When I asked one of the neighbours they told me what happened.”

It is the second major incident to hit the small town in the last couple of months after two people were killed and a police officer wounded during a protest in April.

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