Sondela Parliament: Ringo Madlingozi on his way to the National Assembly

ringo madlingozi parliament economic freedom fightersNothing is impossible in South Africa.

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Impossible is truly nothing in South Africa. It has been confirmed that legendary musician-turned-politician, Ringo Madlingozi, will represent the interests of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Parliament.

As reported by EWN, political parties have finalised and submitted their Parliamentary lists in time for the procession that will take place on Wednesday, 22 May.

Ringo Madlingozi to be sworn into Parliament

Members of Parliament will be sworn in and allocated their seats in the National Assembly based on the outcome of their respective political party’s performance at the polls.

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Boasting an illustrious Afropop catalogue and possibly responsible for the birth of a lot of 90s babies, Ringo’s move towards politics was passion-driven.

Although he has never outrightly regarded himself as a politician, in recent years, he has moved like one.

He has been seen at many EFF events and has advocated their calls for radical economic and land reform on his massively-followed social media platforms.

Ringo’s road to the National Assembly

However, it came as a shocker to many when his name surfaced on the party’s parly list in March.

He occupied number 36 in the draft list and it was teased that there would be changes made before the final version was submitted for authorisation.

Well, it seems like the list has been finalised and Ringo is on his way to the National Assembly.

The musician indicated, though, that quitting music was not even an option at this point.

“Music and politics can coexist” – Ringo

He described his involvement in Parliament as a fight for the rights of musicians.

“I’m going there to fight for all musicians and the arts. Music and art challenges are all the same,” he said.

He also noted that in Parliament, the lines may be drawn between every political party, but outside of that, business is still business.

“My fans will still see me performing at gigs. Even if other political parties book me I will still go there to perform,” he added.

We are not exactly sure how Julius Malema will feel about the thought of Ringo rocking ANC crowds and DA rallies but either way, his inclusion in Parliament, coupled with that of Dr Wynand Boshoff — Hendrik Verwoerd’s grandson — should make for the type of entertainment money can’t buy.

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