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Something’s Cooking TV: Musical and culinary wiz J’Something launches new venture

Something's Cooking TVJ’Something is a name synonymous with good food and music. The Mi Casa frontman launched his newest project at the Google headquarters in Johannesburg on Thursday evening.

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Something’s Cooking TV is J’Something’s new YouTube channel and will become his platform for sharing exciting new food and music creations. Speaking at the event, Joao da Fonseca, aka J’Something says:

“YouTube was, is, and will always be my source of entertainment and, more importantly, my source of education when it comes to cooking. It’s where I’ve always gone to understand food better. So, when it came to choosing the right platform to host my online cooking channel, it had to be YouTube.”

Something’s Cooking TV has launched with 21 step-by-step recipes ready for you to try. J’Something is planning to release another 12 videos a month to keep us entertained and inspired in the kitchen with his unique takes on his favourite dishes and cocktails.

“Through the launch of my TV channel, I’m hoping to entertain people with food… and music, of course. I’m also hoping to provide a platform for up-and-coming food enthusiasts and chefs.”

It all started with a hashtag

He added that Something’s Cooking TV is about the food he loves to cook for his family and friends. It all began a few years ago when he “posted a picture of roast chicken and potatoes on Instagram with the perfect hashtag.”

That hashtag was #somethingscooking, and it evolved from a caption on Instagram to his TV show, his new cookbook and his restaurant. J’Something adds:

“And hopefully, it inspires you to get stuck into the kitchen, with music pumping through speakers and whisks being used not only to sing with, but occasionally do some mixing with too.”

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Photo: Cheryl Kahla

In addition to Something’s Cooking TV’s instructional content, J’Something – along with his musical collaborators Jay-Em – will be releasing exclusive playlists for you to cook to or entertain guests with, on the YouTube Music platform.

We met up with the J’Something after the launch to talk about food, music and where he finds inspiration.

He said food was integral growing up, especially because his dad loved fishing. J’Something has fond memories of fish on the braai, boiled potatoes, olive oil, parsley, marinated peppers, salad. He explains:

“It’s shaped me in many, many ways. My mom’s cooking, and my dad’s cooking, is what I know to do really well. They taught me.”

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Just listening to J’Something talk about food, his passion is evident. If he had to describe his cooking show in two sentences, it would be:

“Something’s Cooking TV is a channel about food, music, and vibe. It’s just a place to come and hang out and have some fun while learning how to make something.”

When asked how he intends to keep Something’s Cooking TV relevant, especially in the saturated YouTube market, J’Something said he plans to collaborate with artists, musicians and creatives.

He’ll invite someone to join him in the kitchen, and we’ll get to see all the fun they have experimenting with flavours, recipes, and new dishes.

If you need good food and good music in your life – and who doesn’t? – tune in to Something’s Cooking TV for all the cooking inspo you need.

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