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Sharpeville struggle hero endorses Mmusi Maimane ahead of Election Day

Mmusi Maimane democratic party south africaMaimane’s final push before Election Day.

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DA leader, Mmusi Maimane’s final electioneering push culminated in a visit to the historic Sharpeville township, in Johannesburg, where he was received by struggle hero, Ntate Tswakai Ngale.

Ngale was one of the thousands of South Africans who, on 21 March 1960, picketed outside the Sharpeville police station, against the now-abolished Apartheid pass laws.

Mmusi Maimane gets support in Sharpeville

69 protesters were killed that day. Ngale, in his conversation with Maimane, stated that the sacrifices made by his friends and fellow community members that fateful day has been dishonoured by the ANC.

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“25 years after our political freedom, Ntate Ngale sees economic despair and lack of job opportunities for his family. He sees a corrupt government that eats the money, protects the privilege of those in power, and even struggles to provide running water, working toilets, housing fit for human beings, and reliable electricity for his community.

“And even worse, Ntate Ngale had to endure the full effects of our failed public health care system in his recent battle with cancer,” Maimane noted in a statement, reflecting on the visit.

DA targets take-over in Gauteng

Sharpeville is one of many townships in Gauteng that still pledge their support to the ruling party. The DA has made it abundantly clear that it intends to gain total ownership of the province, and oust the embattled ANC from power.

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Maimane hammered home his party’s call for “one South Africa for all” by promising to deliver equality, jobs and service delivery to every home in the country.

“So today I make this pledge to Ntate Ngale. Under a DA government, there will better service delivery, and an honest government that puts a job in every home. And most importantly, a caring government – that honours the heroes of the past, not forgets and rejects them,” he added.

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