Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Scorned ex-lover executes girlfriend before taking his own life

ex-lover crime east londonA tragic end to a love story.

scorned ex lover executes girlfriend before taking his own life 1024x853 - Scorned ex-lover executes girlfriend before taking his own life

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The community of East London has been rocked by the shocking death of a couple that died at the hands of a scorned ex-lover.

On Thursday evening, police were called to a house on Jade Street, in Amalinda. It was reported that a man had fired shots at a 52-year-old woman.

East London police called to a bloody scene

According to police spokesperson, Captain Hazel Mqala, when they arrived at the house, they found two dead bodies swimming in a pool of blood, with no signs of life in either of them.

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It was later discovered that the male, aged 49, was the perpetrator, He had stormed into the residence, looking for the slain woman.

“It is alleged that while she was inside her car talking on the phone, the woman’s ex-boyfriend entered the house carrying a firearm on one hand and a knife on the other hand,” Captain Mqala noted in a statement.

There was not much that the tenant of the house could do to protect the woman. In an attempt to divert attention away from the car, the tenant told the fuming ex-lover that nobody knew where the woman was.

Scorned ex-lover takes his own life

However, as fate would, unfortunately, have it, the two bumped into each other as the man was leaving the house.

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“It is alleged that he then shot the victim on the upper body and then shot himself also in the upper body. The police and paramedics were called and they were both certified dead. A 9mm Norinco pistol with a serial number was found on the scene,” Captain Mqala added.

A 9mm handgun was extracted from the scene and as a matter of formality, the police have opened a murder docket.

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