Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Scam alert: Public urged to be aware of “fake Home Affairs officials”

scam home affairs fake officialsYou may hear a few mistruths on the campaign trail, but this latest scam involving fake Home Affairs officials is one that could seriously put you in danger.

scam alert public urged to be aware of fake home affairs officials 1024x683 - Scam alert: Public urged to be aware of “fake Home Affairs officials”

scam 1200x800 - Scam alert: Public urged to be aware of “fake Home Affairs officials”

With just five weeks to go before South Africans run to the polls for the 2019 Elections, we’re going to be told quite a few porkies and tall tales from our politicians. However, a chilling warning has been issued by the top brass of Home Affairs about a more sinister group of liars.

How the Home Affairs “fake official” scam works:

Issuing a statement this week, Acting Home Affairs Director-General Thulani Mavuso revealed that opportunists have been posing as officials for the department in order to rob and steal from local residents. The scheme is alarmingly brazen, and is carried out in three basic steps:

  • They carry documents which allegedly contain a letterhead from Home Affairs, giving them an aura of authority.
  • The have-a-go criminals will then knock on your door and brandish this paperwork, claiming to be an official who needs to verify your ID documents ahead of the 2019 Elections on Wednesday 8 May.
  • They’ll ask if they can come inside to carry out the checks. Once they’ve gained access to the property, the crafty crooks will steal any items of value they can find.

Stay on your guard ahead of the 2019 Elections

It is imperative that you do not let anyone into your home based on this pretence. All voter registration checks were completed earlier this year, and there is no need to prove your validity once more.

Mavuso has stressed that the only time you must present your documents to Home Affairs officials is at their offices. They do not conduct home visits in these circumstances, and the acting DG warned citizens to stay vigilant:

“We don’t come to your homes to validate your IDs, you come to us, as citizens, for IDs and other services. People must be careful at this time, and protect their lives, loved ones, and their property.”

Thulani Mavuso

  • You can read the full warning from Home Affairs here:

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