Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

SAPS rescue minors from Mozambique ‘child labour’ operation

SAPS have rumbled a ‘child labour’ scheme involving undocumented minors from Mozambique. A sting in Gauteng has uncovered the shocking truth.

saps rescue minors from mozambique child labour operation - SAPS rescue minors from Mozambique ‘child labour’ operation

Thank goodness for this intervention. Criminals running an operation from Mozambique and into Gauteng were stopped in their tracks on Thursday after SAPS were able to apprehend suspects in what they believe to be a child labour case.

Gauteng police apprehend suspects in child labour case

Operation Okae Molao was in full force earlier today. The initiative, recently launched by SAPS, increases the police presence on Gauteng’s streets and grants officers the power to authorise more ‘stop and search’ investigations. Sure enough, one thorough search of a foreign vehicle discovered two children in transit.

The boys were quizzed on why they were not in school, and where they were heading. It was quickly ascertained that these teenagers were being deployed to undertake physical work in a township near Tshwane. The man transporting the children has been arrested, whereas another person has been arrested for car theft.

Faith Mazibuko explains how cops bust Mozambique criminals

“They came from Mozambique, they are 15 years old. I asked them why they aren’t at school and they couldn’t answer, and they say they are going to work. That amounts to child labour. To take a child, undocumented, is irresponsible. These boys are supposed to be in school, so they can study and get good grades to work legally in SA.”

Gauteng MEC Faith Mazibuko

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