Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold to launch end of July

Samsung Galaxy foldThe Samsung Galaxy Fold may just be headed to consumers soon then, but it may come with a massive price tag.

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Last year the folding phone revolution became a reality as Huawei and Samsung announced their upcoming devices with folding displays. It’s no surprise then that 2019 was set to be the year of the folding phone.

However, more than halfway into the year, only a few disappointed journalists have been able to get their grubby hands one. Huawei has recently delayed their Mate X by three months due to the bad press around folding phones.

The Chinese hardware giant has put the delay down to their not wanting to make the same mistakes as Samsung did with their Galaxy Fold. Though it’s more likely they’re buying time to see precisely how their impasse with the American government is resolved.

Samsung “fixed the flaws”

Samsung though believes they have turned the corner after they had to deal with the embarrassing fallout of having a journalist breaking their shiny test units.

The whole episode was a bit surreal. It turns out folding phones ship with a film on it that looks a lot like those screen protectors we currently tear off immediately after receiving a new phone.

Spoiler alert, that film is not for pulling off if you want your folding phone to continue working.

Addressing the Korean Information Display Society last week, Kim Seong- Cheol, the VP of Samsung Display, announced that “most of the display problems have been ironed out.”

So when will the Samsung Galaxy Fold be released?

Seong-Cheol further added that the device would be launching into select markets in a matter of weeks, not months. The Galaxy Fold may just be headed to consumers soon then, though with it’s massive price tag.

Samsung Electronics executive Roh Tae-moon said the re-release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is scheduled for the end of July. He confirmed that they are “now in the position to launch the Galaxy Fold.”

It’s going to interesting to see how the market reacts to it. The tech world is still on the fence on whether the displays will hold up to the wear-and-tear thrown at a consumer device and if it’s anything more than a novelty.

Novelty or game-changer, we can’t wait to find out; and hopefully, the Galaxy fold will answer some of those questions sooner rather than later.

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