Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

SACP: State capture networks designed to cripple democracy

Blade Nzimande, South African Communist Party (SACP)The South African Communist Party believe state capture is about far more than just money and greed.

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In a stunning revelation from the South African Communist Party (SACP), they claim there is more state capture than corruption.

State capture networks

Following reports the South African gross domestic product tanked by 3.2% in the first quarter of 2019, the focus has again turned to the economy and why it is failing.

A lot appears to be hanging in the balance, with many trusting that president Cyril Ramaphosa’s new cabinet and policies will be able to turn things around.

While others seem to have lost hope altogether.

With the Zondo Commission still on-going, new facts about state capture are revealed on a daily basis and it is top of mind for most well-informed South Africans.

A lot of the blame for the state of the country’s economy has landed at the door of state capture networks and their various agents.

Plan to cripple the ANC

Even though not fully calculated or understood yet, the damage state capture has done to the South African economy and reputation on the global stage has been immense. There is little doubting that.

However, the SACP has gone one step further. Following their central committee meeting (CC) they have suggested state capture has been specifically designed to undermine and cripple the ANC from within.

“The CC in its deliberations about the challenges facing our country has come to the conclusion that what may appear to be merely corrupt and parasitic networks of state capture has now become a counter-revolution directed at crippling the ANC from within and frustrating the capacity of the democratic government to pursue the objective of changing the lives of our people for the better,” they said in a statement, according to IOL.

“The factionalisation and destruction of the basic organisational structures of our movement, the buying of delegates and gate-keeping; the destruction of the capacity of the state to collect and/or disburse revenue; the looting and hollowing out of [SoEs] and their conveyance to the control of lumpen capitalists like the Guptas, the Watsons, etc.

“The capture and perversion of key institutions of the criminal justice system like the National Prosecuting Authority and intelligence services, are all aimed at crippling the capacity of the democratic government.”

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