Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

SABC building passes health and safety inspection

SABC government bailoutThe public broadcaster told its employees to get back to work.

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Employees that have to brave the SABC building in Auckland Park have been told it is safe to return to work.

SABC says it’s safe to return to work

As reported by Sowetan Live, the public broadcaster issued a statement confirming that, after a rigorous health and safety inspection and clean-up, the building has been declared safe for occupation.

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“All employees based at the Radio Park building must report for duty on Monday, May 20, 2019, and staff from the Wellness Centre will be on standby, should anyone require any health-related examination,” SABC told workers.

This is four days after hundreds of workers were evacuated from the building.

What caused the diesel spillage?

The public broadcaster explained that a power outage forced the building’s systems to fall onto the back-up generator. This, it says, caused the diesel tank that feeds the generator to overflow.

Robert Mulaudzi, the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson noted that their team responded to calls of a spillage on the 15th floor.

When they got to the building, the responding team noted that the entire floor was drenched in diesel “all the way coming from the eighth floor.”

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“We decided to evacuate everyone so that we could start with cleaning up operations. There was no one who was trapped or injured. Everybody was evacuated unharmed. Right now our focus is the cleaning up operation,” Mulaudzi explained.

SABC’s spokesperson, Vuyo Mthembu confirmed that the broadcaster is ready to take the next course of action, after occupying its hundreds of workers for the first time this week.

Mthembu noted that a detailed report on the incident was going to be submitted to the Department of Labour. Included in it will be a full-scale assessment on the cost of the damage.

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