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SA Elections 2019: Political parties react to preliminary election results

Elections 2019 election resultsANC leads in the early stages of the vote.

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The dust has settled after what was quite an eventful SA Elections 2019 on Wednesday. Now, with about a quarter of the votes counted, political parties will be hard at work, crunching the numbers to see what the election results mean for their representation in the national and provincial legislature.

Note: Follow our live coverage of the 2019 general election results here.

How political parties gain seats in National Assembly

South Africa uses the proportional representation method in electing its leadership. This means that a vote counts for the political party and not its candidate.

In the context of establishing rule, it also means that the result of the party’s performance in the polls will decide how many seats it will receive in the legislature.

There is still quite a long way to go but political parties have already taken to social media to react to the preliminary results that have been trickling in from the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) elections centre.

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SA Elections 2019: Political parties react to election results


The ANC is the first political party to break through the one-million-mark, and as things stand, with about 25% of the votes counted, they stand at 1 687 816 votes.


The DA has, so far, shown resilience in the Western Cape, where fears had grown over their ability to maintain control of the region after a shaky 2018.

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Considering that this is the EFF’s second general election participation, the party will gain confidence knowing that, in the early stages of the count, they have already broken the record of their 2014 election running where they only managed to collect 6.35%.


A dark horse in the race, the VF Plus’ support soared considerably. In the last general elections, they could barely etch it past 1%. However, as things stand, the party has collected about 3.21% of the votes.

Current preliminary election results standing

This is the current standing of the results at 25,66%

  • Total Valid Votes — 3 165 859
  • Spoilt Votes — 42 659
  • Total Votes Cast — 3 208 518
  • Voter Turnout — 64.79 %
  • Registered Population — 26 756 649
  • Total Voting Districts — 22 925
  • Voting Districts Completed — 5 883

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