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SA Election results: EFF tails behind ANC in three key provinces

eff election results north west mpumalanga limpopoThe Red Berets look to oust the DA as the official opposition in these provinces.

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Please note that voter count data for 2019 has not yet been declared. This article contains information from the IEC election results centre at around 76% of the capturing process.

With the voter count edging closer to that definitive 90% mark, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are set to become the official opposition in three key provinces.

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Inland regions like Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North West, have historically been considered as the African National Congress’ (ANC) stronghold.

EFF set to become official opposition in key provinces

Although support for the ruling party has waned compared to their running in the 2014 general elections, President Cyril Ramaphosa has managed to keep the party’s boat afloat in these regions.

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It comes as no surprise that the EFF has managed to make gains in these three key provinces.

Julius Malema’s radical calls for land expropriation and job creation has attracted a considerable amount of support from ANC detractors.

This is evident in the growth the EFF has achieved compared to the last election running.

The bar graph below provides a clear view of the strides they have made in the last five years.

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It is not definitive but looking at the standings at about 76% of the voter count, it appears more than likely that the Red Berets will oust the Democratic Alliance (DA) as the official opposition in these regions.

The dust is not settled yet but the mood in the reds’ camp is already celebratory.

This is how things stood at the time of publication of this article.


Results Capturing Progress: 62.56 %

  • ANC: 643 183 (75.35%)
  • EFF: 122 395 (14.34%)
  • DA: 47 379 (5.55%)

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Results Capturing Progress: 88.21 %

  • ANC: 739 211 (69.96%)
  • EFF: 137 258 (12.99%)
  • DA: 105 081 (9.95%)

North West

Results Capturing Progress: 95.73 %

  • ANC: 561 219 (62.48%)
  • EFF: 167 100 (18.6%)
  • DA: 96 627 (10.76%)

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