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SA Election results: DA intends to call for an audit on votes

democratic alliance election day election results iec votingThe DA has been critical of the IEC’s ability to run a free and fair election.

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The DA has made its intentions clear. They will be seeking an audit of the South African election results once all the counting has been concluded by the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

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SA Elections marred with issues and disruptions

Things did not run too smoothly for the commission on Election Day. Although only a minority of the 22 925 voting stations experienced issues, some of the issues that took hold in regions like KwaZulu-Natal, North West, and the Northern Cape, have threatened the validity of this election.

Three voting stations in the Eastern Cape were forced to close their doors, effectively denying hundreds of registered voters the opportunity to cast their ballot. This, however, was in reaction to violent service delivery protests that broke out in areas like Majuba Village, near Mount Frere.

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The IEC has confirmed that, for the voting stations that were not allowed to host the election process, there is not much that can be done at this point.

Why the DA wants to challenge the election results

However, the DA’s contention lies with the way in which the process was handled in the polling stations that were operational.

Voters allegedly casting their ballot twice

The official opposition confirmed, on Thursday, that they will be laying criminal charges, paired with a list of complaints intended for the electoral commission, after they observed what they call a tainted election process.

The DA says it has witnessed many voters being allowed to cast their ballot twice in some polling stations in hotly-contested regions like Gauteng.

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Faulty ID scanners allegedly encouraged double voting

Alarms rang out, on Wednesday, after it was found that, for some, the indelible ink that is placed on one’s thumb after they’ve been checked on the voter’s roll could be easily removed.

For the IEC, however, this development did not pose much of a threat because there are two other safety measures in place — the ID scanners and voter’s roll — to ensure that people do not get to vote twice.

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DA critical of IEC’s organisation of elections

The DA has remained adamant on the fact that their party agents have proof of these indiscretions and with the voter count only at 30%, the blues have already stated their intention of requesting a full audit on the results.

James Selfe, the party’s chairperson of the federal executive, indicated that they were forced to submit objections to the IEC because “the problems facing this election have been considerably more serious.”

“We have compelling evidence that probably thousands of people voted more than once. There were shortages of ballot papers, voting stations that did not open, voting stations that closed before they should have closed, and generally speaking, I think there was particularly bad organisation on the part of the IEC, Selfe said.

The IEC has remained rooted in its position that the preliminary results have been vetted and are accurate.

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