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Royal appetite: Organic vegetable gardens and a vegan lifestyle

Meghan Markle Prince Harry organic vegetable garden baby sussex vegaMeghan Markle and Prince Harry want to grow their own food and be as sustainable as they possibly can.

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It was widely reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s move to Frogmore Cottage was delayed by a few months. It’s now been revealed that an organic vegetable garden was the reason for the delay.

According to Daily Mail, Meghan Markle is ready to “embrace The Good Life,” reminiscent of the beloved seventies British sitcom.

Organic gardening at Frogmore Cottage

The renovation at Frogmore cottage was delayed for an organic vegetable plot to be created. Both Meghan Markle and Harry are keen cooks and plan on growing their own vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

During her acting days, Meghan said in an interview that she loved growing her own vegetables as a kid. She added that the “farm-to-table ethos was ingrained at a young age.”

It’s no stretch of the imagination then that a veggie garden would be the next logical step. The Royal couple loves the country living lifestyle and is turning Frogmore cottage into their own little natural haven.

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Will Baby Sussex be raised as a vegan?

Rumour has it that it may very well be the case. Meghan, while not a vegan herself, is a staunch supporter of the plant-based lifestyle. She opts for eating less to no meat during the week.

According to The Sun, Meghan has been pushing Royal boundaries since she began dating Prince Harry in 2017. However, not all of it is well-received.

The Queen is allegedly not to keen about her future grandchild following a vegan lifestyle. The Sun reported that “bringing the baby up as a vegan simply won’t be tolerated by the monarch.”

However, that could not be confirmed and Kensington Palace has declined to comment.

Only time will tell if the future holds for Baby Sussex. If Meghan wants her child to follow a similar diet, it’s likely the young royal wouldn’t be completely vegan.

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